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  1. Hi!
    Is possible to make mysql for more then one thing? (Join, money, rank, tab prefix.. etc etc
    Im kinda new at mysql so yea
  2. You can make multiple tables or even multiple dbs, which library are you using?
  3. You could create different tables for different things. Like you have a table, where you save the money and another table for the tab prefix and the rank.
  4. Well tbf you can probably just store things like money, prefix and rank in the same table.
  5. for mysql i recomment using hikaricp it's very easy and you kan just use the normal mysql statements like SELECT money FROM players etc.
  6. Like said above, u can create tables and dbs in MySQL and u can store more than one thing
  7. Thank you all.. I would need now some exemple (not code) I dont want look at code and just copy paste this is bad af..
  8. Strahan


    If it's data, it can be stored in a database. MySQL is as versatile as you make it via the design of the database.