Mysterious player invincibility

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Plugin Help' started by _Zane, May 7, 2015.

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  1. Hi, I've got a problem with player invincibility. I am having this SurvivalGames server, and no one can take damage.

    Plugins: WorldEdit, WorldEffects, Essentials, EssentialsChat, PermissionsEX, CustomJoinItems, ProtocolLIB, WorldGuard.

    I have searched through every config, cant seem to find anything.
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  2. I don't think you want them to immideatly be able to pvp, right?

    If you do, do /rg define [REGION NAME] pvp allow
    This will allow people to pvp in the region you've just set "pvp" to "allow"
  3. Did you upgrade WorldGuard recently? In their latest builds there is this bug in which some players can take damage and others have some sort of god-mode.
  4. That's not my problem. ^^

    Player's can't be damaged at all, every map, every region, no damage. They can't be hurt.
  5. Oh, I have the build 6.0.0-Beta.
  6. You have a plugin for survival games that's fully automated?
    I see you don't but if you do use it.
    You don't need world guard it blocks breaking and stuff itself (blocks broken in game is configurable so leaves and stuff) all items in chests are configurable, EVERYTHING!
    Also look into SGPREMIUM it's a
    New SG plugin for 9.95$ USD, and provides MySQL support, very efficient and easy to setup.
    Everything is configurable and customizable, plugin includes dynamic MOTD to display people on server list/bungee teleport signs what game state it is in, which is configurable.
    There is also a test server which you can find the address on the site.
    NOTE: It requires 2 people to play on test server and that's a beta version which has sponsor but we have not set sponsor up so you see the menu fine but nothing happens when you click the item.
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  7. Oh, okay. Great! :)
    But I dont think WorldGuard is causing the problem.
  8. Some do, try disabling WorldGuard ans test it again.
  9. Didnt work.. :/
  10. Is every player like this?
    I had a nooby dev make me a jump pads plugin awhile ago, it broke Argo.
    Argo is like hitting, so u can swing but not take damage.

    I fixed it by removing the plugin, so some
    Plugin must be glitched with Argo.
    Try renaming plugins folder to something like Iplugins Then test if it worked, if yes continue. If no then server is broken.

    Yes, so basically just add 1,2,3 plugins at a time in groups every time you add RESTART server. do not reload or anything because reload isn't supported.
    Every time you add restart server and test if it worked.
    If yes keep adding more plugins and keep restarting server.
    If no then it's one of those plugins you RECENTLY added.
    So let's Say you add essentials, world edit and world guard.

    It broke, oh no! Remove world guard
    Did it work?
    Yes then it's world guard
    No remove essentials

    Did it work?
    Yes great it was essentials.
    No shucks, remove world edit.

    Did it work?
    Yes it was world edit.
    No then no idea.

    note: Worldguard has a PVP option, essentials has all damage options able to disable, check your config for essentials there's PVP, fall dmg and more.
    Also there's
    Essentials permissions to disable certain damages, check your perms as well.
  11. Ok, so I just found out it just affects the healbar, not the hunger.
  12. Coming here was my last choice. I removed all the plugins, then reinstalled them. I checked every config, every file. Asked everyone I knew.
  13. Doesn't server properties bukkit yml or spigot yml have some PVP option? Wait come to think of it, I think server properties has it. Also try making difficulty HARD then normal again.
  14. Yaps, already checked the Bukkit/Spigot config. Tried the Hard-Normal thing, didnt work neither.
  15. Server.Properties maybe?
  16. Checked them, I contacted the support and they fixed it. Appearently something wrong with the multicraft-panel (somehow..)
    Thank you for all help! :)
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