Spigot Mystery Bags [1.15] 3.10

Customizable surprise mystery bags that can drop from mobs and contain random items!

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    Mystery Bags - Customizable surprise mystery bags that can drop from mobs and contain random items!

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  2. What is the command to give to player?
  3. It uses the same spawn command, just adds more arguments.
    /mbags spawn <id> <amount> <player>
  4. Im having a Problem.

    MysteryBags is causing an Error in the Console: [look at the Image]

    I think it isnt just because of Mysterybags, but i will just ask here. :(

    Pls reply Quickly thanks for reading!

    ps: sorry for my English, im German....

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  5. I have this issue:
    When i define a region for the bags to spawn in they seem to spawn everywhere EXCEPT the region i put in the config. This wouldn't be a problem if it recognized __global__ as a region then i could just do the thing backwards and have all region except the desired location but as it is i cant seem to create a selected area for the items to spawn. I would appreciate some help with this, thanku.
  6. Thank you for the report! As of now I'm not sure what could be causing this. The code seems fine where the error points to and I can't make the error on my local test server, though the screenshot you sent does seem to suggest MysteryBags is causing it.
    What Minecraft version are you running? Could you tell me exactly what you have to do to cause this error?

    Confirmed. Thank you for pointing this out!
    I will have a fix released in an hour or two.
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  7. Thanks matey! Also If i may point out something else that came up, The bag I'm making doesn't seem to like me having stacks or rather 16 of an item is the amount im using and it just reverts back to gifting 1 of the item rather than the 16 in there. Also it doesn't like to gift name tags, they appear in the config but do not seem to spawn from the bags.
    Thank you heaps for the fast reply, you are doing a great job on this plugin.
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  8. The bags only giving one of each item is intentional - the storage format uses the item amount as the weighted chance of an item. As of now, I cannot think of an efficient way to allow a separate handle for item amount while still keeping the ingame GUI valid. If you have suggestions, I'm all ears.
    Also, I cannot seem to reproduce the error with the name tags on my local server. Does the bug occur even when the name tag is the only item in the bag's loot pool? If so, could you please post the bag's .yml config file?
  9. Oooh. It is probably that all the other items in the bag just have a much greater chance of dropping than the name tag and that is why it hasn't come out in any of my tests, this makes a lot of sense now actually. So is there a way to make more than 1 of the item come out of the bag then?

    I am very happy with the GUI format it makes things super easy in putting through items that usually I would struggle to figure out how to put in a manual config (a few custom player heads for example). Having the 'amount' as the drop chance does make things a little confusing in my experience, if you could have the drop chance instantly generated when you create the item and then to change it you would go into config (i kinda go in there to change the general bag drop rate anyway as I'm not sure how you do that normally) then perhaps it would be less confusing?
  10. My Server is running on the Version 1.10.2 Spigot

    And I cannot reproduce the error either. It just sometimes pops up in the config.... :confused::(
    I also think you should add a Amount of Items you get like FishySammich suggested.;)

    I'll tell you more when I see the error again:)
  11. Okay, thank you for the reply. It does look like it's being caused by MysteryBags, so please get back to me if you get any leads on the error!

    I am unable to substantially change the config format or else it will break reverse-compatibility with SurpriseBags (SurpriseBags uses the item amount as a drop chance).
    What I could do is allow a line of lore on the item to hold the amount, so it could be specified by holding the item and using a command like /mbag setamount #. This lore line would not show up in the actual prize, but would be visible in the GUI menu. You would then have to duplicate that item and put it in the GUI to set the drop chance as well.
    I could even have another line of lore that sets an actual drop weight and have it override the 'amount-is-drop-chance' controls if present. However, the plugin must still work with amount as a possible drop-weight determinant.
    Would that work for your purposes?
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  12. Oh well thats fine, the item amount as a drop chance doesn't bother me i just thought it very confusing. All I really need is just a way to have the bag gift more than 1 of a block, if that already exists then i have no further problems at all.
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    Update to V1.1

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  14. Hello,
    is there any way to update this plugin to version 1.8? ^-^
  15. I will not be releasing a 1.8-compatible version of MysteryBags, as SurpriseBags, the plugin this is meant to improve upon, still works on 1.8.
    As this plugin is open-source, you are free to modify compatibility with 1.8 if you want (it's really just the PlayerInventory#getItemInHand methods and the sound enums that need to be changed).
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  16. Is there a way to have a 100% for each item to be given in the bag ?

    I'm using it in a shop as a randomizer, but i also wanna use it for kits in chests that players can just buy .....
  17. As of now, no. I will see to adding this feature soon.
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