Mystic Well (Enchanting Table with custom enchants)

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  1. Hi o/ On The Hypixel Pit they put an Enchanting Table (Mystic Well) and having a fresh gold sword (without enchantments) you can enchant them and find common, or rare enchants, how can I do such a thing?
    Example Video:
    On this video a Youtuber was enchanting the Stuffs, I have already made the items (such as Perun, it is a type of enchant that can only be set in the sword) I am only interested in the method, the mode of the enchant, similar to that (not identical, but a similar thing)
    __I can probably pay the one who does this to me__

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  2. I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Please explain more.
  3. Do u have Discord? So I can explain better
  4. Yes I do. It's Skizzme#7270