Mythic Drops item tiers

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  1. i got mythic drops because i wanted to be able to add lore into certain items for the skillapi plugin to make use of, however i'm not entirely sure how to do this so figured i'd ask.. at first i asked on the plugins' page but didn't exactly get a very helpful answer at least not one with an example for me to work off of to understand how i would go about achieving my goals.

    so i was wondering if anyone here would be able to shed some more light on the matter. the plugin author
    however if i do this would i not need a crazy amount of tiers for all the individual armour types and weapons? and then how would i go about making it so that they were implemented into the tier system so that legendary versions would spawn and not just common. I've little to no knowledge of this plugin and need some help in understanding it.

    i'll update this if i figure it out.

    i've more or less got it figured out now.
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