Spigot Mythic Flares & Quests -=EULA COMPLIANT=- 1.0

Adds the Flares and Rank Quests from Cosmicpvp

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    Mythic Flares & Quests -=EULA COMPLIANT=- - Adds the Flares and Rank Quests from Cosmicpvp

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  2. This is a pretty creative plugin and very useful, but it is completely impractical for my server, for many reasons:
    - Forcing it to be only available inside one region, and that region required to be called 'Warzone' is extremely limiting. Try offering a customizable list of regions where it can be used, or the ability to use it globally.
    - Pre-defined names mean no localization (languages) and that existing classes/names/ranks/perks must be changed to fit your plugin, not the other way round. Can names, lore and messages be customized and would I need to navigate into the .sk file to change yoru skript or is there is simple configuration? Customization is key.
    - Too many dependencies. So many required plugins means more side-effects on servers, but also more draw-backs if one plugin updates and the rest do not. Try to limit your dependency on other plugins, especially Essentials.

    Your plugin sounds pretty awesome, no argument there. Making features similar to other server's features it hard to do, so good job! I won't be using it, but I imagine it will come in very helpful for some server owners :)
  3. I have everything downloaded and put the skript in the scripts file and restarted server and it's not working any help ?
  4. peyton same as me. are u using 1.8 or 1.9? i think its only 1.8 compatible
  5. Still not Working I have all th plugins needed and the sk with spigot 1.8 and Java 8 and not working RIP PLS HELP ME FIX
  6. yeah its the same with me peyton
  7. TBH I think it's just broken.
  8. yeah probs
  9. It's free...
  10. i know i just realised that. i was thinking of a similar plugin :D
  11. guys it isnt broken as other people have got it working and because it is skript it WILL NOT appear in /pl
  12. no when i right click ur things nothing happens
  13. I got mine working only down side is spare flares when ppl click them doesn't give them the package bc the command code is set for players no cosuel giving to them
  14. it has to spawn in a radius around the player and has to have a delay. otherwise it is not eula compliant. as the title suggests
  15. i know this will be fixed and if i cant get this to work i will make the plugin stop the person from doing cmds to store/tp out for some time
  16. when you right click the flare it spawns a coloured wool block above the player trying to figure out how to make the falling block appear in a radius now
  17. the ranks are not pre defined and can be edited in the .sk file
  18. retro
    Make it to were the commands for spe flare are by cmd not players
  19. i cant click it ? i am using it in "Warzone" world edit/world guard?!