Mythic Mobs Mob Config

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  1. I'm looking for someones already fully configured mythic mobs config full of mobs, i'm not the smartest when it comes to yml and i definitely don't know enough about it to use it to its potential, if someone could get me a finished mob config that would be great
  2. You simply want an example?
  3. what i mean is a config thats already finished with loads of custom mobs i can use, rather then having to config all the mobs
  4. Most people usually sell their custom boss designs. They're often not very cheap either.
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  5. You can take a look into the Website/Forums form MysticMobs itself, there are some nice released Mobs/Items with full configurations and Skills.
  6. I am a paid configurator

    However this is true, so you might want to start looking through there first @Drago_133

    Also note: I do not have any premade ready configs for sale, as I do custom requests and keep mobs that I create exclusive to each client's server. PM me if you wish to use my paid services, be prepared with a list or price will increase since I have to be creative to impress you or your players.