Mythic mobs random spawns

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  1. Hello, I am creating a mob that spawns naturally. It works fine, when I spawn it in myself, but when I explore, there aren't any spawning. I tried to look into this issue, but got no results.

    This is my mob code:
    Code (Text):
      Type: HORSE
      Display: 'Unicorn'
      Health: 40
        MovementSpeed: 0.4
        HorseColor: WHITE
        Despawn: false
        PreventOtherDrops: true
        AlwaysShowName: true

    Here's the random spawn code:
    Code (Text):
      Action: REPLACE
      Type: Unicorn
      Level: 2
      Chance: 0.5
      Priority: 1
      UseWorldScaling: false
      Worlds: testworld1
      - outside true
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