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World Management - Simplified

  1. This plugin is awesome! thanks to the author :)
  2. TeamBergerhealer updated MyWorlds with a new update entry:

    Patches an item duping glitch + general bugfixes

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  3. Its not my focus because theres many other plugins that can do similar things and more, but when bugs or glitches happen I'm sure to fix those :)
  4. I am actually using Myworlds because it was handling inventory issues with random plugins a lot better than the alternatives. And that was before the latest update.

    I will try to find some bugs for you. :D
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  5. Is it possible to set pvp on or off, instead of just toggle?
  6. Judging by the (somewhat old) code, looks like /world pvp enable/disable ([worldname]) should work.
  7. You are correct. Nevermind, I guess I can't find a single problem with your plugin. :p
  8. I notice that when a player's gamemode is changed with /gamemode, and/or by another plugin, changing worlds no longer changes their gamemode.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.
  9. @mc732
    Did you set the gamemode using /world gamemode creative/survival?When you have the permission "myworlds.world.ignoregamemode" the same thing happens, but by default its false and shouldnt interfere.
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  10. I was mistaken. It turns out that it is only happening when players have joined and left a mobarena arena. They join from a world with gamemode set to adventure, and when they leave the arena, their gamemode is indeed set back to adventure, but it then persists across worlds. That player is now always in adventure mode, and it appears that their inventories get wiped as well.
    To make it worse, the problem can easily be reproduced, but not 100% of the time.
  11. @mc732 Sounds like an incompatibility between mobarena and myworlds. Does the same still happen when you disable world inventories in Myworlds' config yml?
  12. Ah, no. Gamemode seems to switch as expected, with myworlds inventories off.

    Edit: Do you want this on the githib tracker?

    Edit edit: Apparently this is a known issue: https://github.com/garbagemule/MobArena/issues/423
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  13. clicking on the links on the homepage leads me to this:
    Not found
    We were unable to find the page or file you were looking for.
  14. Hi, I built a world in single player and copied the files over to my server. Myworld can see the World I made using /world list but when I try to load the world, I get an error stating that I need to stop the server, remove the session.lock file and restart. OK, cool, I did that and tried to load the world again and I get the very same error. I go into the config file and look to see if the world is in the World.yml file. Yep all good the workd is listed there. I physically set the world enable to "true" and restart the server. No Joy. What am I missing here? Why cant I load this world and enable it with this plugin?
  15. World loading itself is nothing more than a call to the server's loadWorld method. If that fails, it is sort of out of control of MyWorlds as to why. First time hearing of this happening, so I don't have an answer unfortunately. It might be something server specific, are running a fork of spigot like paper?
  16. I'm running my own server with MineOS. its a Linux Debian flavour, 6G Ram for this particular server. The Spigot Jar file is t he latest one.
  17. Wanting to learn more about how to use this plugin but your page links are all broken
  18. Yes Gamemode is only working if inventories is false.
    Using a nether portal faces the player the wrong way to

    Anything i can do to change this on my end or wait for an update?
  19. For nether portals you can fix it on a per-case basis by placing down [portal] signs underneath with the correct orientation for the player. I dont think it can be fixed manually such that it works for player-created portals if the orientation is wrong. The gamemode not working in combination with world inventories is new to me, and probably will need looking into. Ive added an issue ticket so I wont forget. https://github.com/bergerhealer/MyWorlds/issues/10