Spigot N-Freeze == GUI + AutoBAN + AdmitCheating == 1.8

N-Freeze is plugin that allows you to freeze, unfreeze players, and sharescreen them

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    N-Freeze == Best ShareScreen tool == - N-Freeze is plugin that allows you to freeze, unfreeze players, and sharescreen them

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  2. btw its not the best for hax
    cuz in all hax clients there is hide mod ( hide everything about the hax and make it looks like a vannila mc)
    sorry for bad english
  3. Sorry, but depends on person who is checking. I am able to find almost any client, depends if cheatsmasher or process hacker or regedit. I will make update for disabling self-destruct option on hacked clients by not allowing frozen players exit their invenotry.
  4. wow cool idea u got there
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    N-Freeze = GUI + Auto-Ban + Admit Cheating = MultiFunctional freeze plugin

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  6. You should make it so you're only allowed to type /admitcheating when you're frozen
  7. Hmm,
    Does it not work for you? I will check when i update tommorow, I am adding options to change messages, sounds, effects and soon will tidy up code a bit.
  8. oh maybe it's because I tested while I was OPPED oops.
    let me check again :3

    EDIT: oops yeah. sorry about that.
  9. No problem!
    Hope you like it, now its just like updated version for people, who use it, since auto-ban was a bit buggy, but now it is fixed. Already working on updating all and expecting to update it in 10hours.
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  10. I can't seem to get the folder to create itself though..

    if it's called N-Freeze then it's not auto creating on start up.
  11. too add on to that..
    what ban plugins does this support

    just plain essentials ban?

    or does it support AdvancedBan, LiteBans, etc?
  12. If you had n-freeze folder before, you need to delete it because that default values there changed. If no - are you using java 8?

    This support all ban plugins, in config file there is option to write your own ban message on admit and on logout for example, i can write
    /tempban %Player% 10days %Reason%
  13. Yeah I am using Java 8 and I deleted my folder already and tried to let it regenerate.
  14. Hmm, that is strange! Tested from multiple PC's but did not find similar problem. Tommorow I will look into that, maybe, if still won't be working, I will rewrite that config gen part or add to github for download. Hope its not too urgent for you right now. Else, what version are you running?
  15. also to add on to my errors when I open the GUI menu I am not allowed to click anything inside of it for some reason.

    also maybe you could add a option to edit the GUI menu like the items inside, the inventory name, etc
  16. So I updated resource, try now to delete old N-Freeze with new one. It worked for my local 1.11 server, but would like to get feedback from you.
    In case that does not work, you could try this one http://www.mediafire.com/file/bvoe88g8u16vr6m/N-Freeze.rar

    But I tested GUI with 1.11, it did not work for some reason, I will look forward to it, but for now you can use chat version! Or you can just not use AdmitCheating option untill I find fix for that ( doubt that possible unless updating whole plugin to 1.11 )
  17. So guys, what do you thing of idea to allow you to choose, whether keep players where they are located or enable player teleport to spawn? If you want I can add option to save players location and teleport him to your specific location saved on config file and after sharescreen player would be teleported back.

    Currently making a plugin for one friend, after that - if you have any plugin requests, ofc not huge, since i just began coding, tell mei might make for your server for free :)