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  1. Hello.

    I have updated EVERYTHING. All my plugins are updated, I have Essentials snapshot 2.x and the 1.8 version of Spigot installed for my server. My brothers changed their usernames and when they joined my server, everything was gone; their inventory, rank, ender chest, EVERYTHING! So what I'm asking is, how do I fix this problem? It is driving me insane! I don't want my server to not be name-change safe because then hardly anyone would play on it if they want to change their name in the future.

  2. Is the server in online-mode?
  3. Did you created an backup before you did the update?
  4. Nope. I run it on BungeeCord btw.

  5. Is your BungeeCord in online mode?

    If yes, then make sure in
    a) bungeecord config ipforwarding is set to true.
    b) in spigot.yml bungeecord is set to true.

    If no, then you need to accept they lose all stuff when they change their playername, as they receive a new UUID.
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