Name Changes On BungeeCord - Online Mode?

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  1. Hey, so currently I have a server however it is run through bungee. Bungee is set to online mode true, however because of the fact its bungee, however when people change names it causes massive problems for me because the servers have to be in offline mode. I was wondering if there was a way to fix this other than having them to login everytime they join the server. The server is online mode but the servers connected MUST be offline mode.
  2. Are you using Spigot? Set bungeecord to true in spigot.yml and it will act as the servers are in online mode.
  3. yes i am and it is, but when people change name they it glitches out :/
  4. That shouldn't be happening. Have you made sure ip_forward is set to true in bungeecord? Also make sure that you are using the latest version of bungeecord and spigot. If its still happening might be worth making a bug report.
  5. IP Forward is set to true aswell, idk what the issue is though
  6. anyone? anything?
  7. No it can't. Just make sure that your main server, the BungeeCord server. Has IP_Forward to true, and online mode to true. Your other servers have to be in offline mode, because it is already checked if the player is a online player. There is no way of other cracked players going through.
  8. Thats not the issue, the server runs fine. Its just when someone changes name it seems the servers arent connected to the player uuid but instead their name because its in offline mode.
  9. Well, it isn't (if you got the right settings).
  10. I have got the right settings :(
  11. Airee


  12. Bump still having this issue