Spigot Name Color 1.3

A simple plugin that allows players to set the color of their name in a GUI!

  1. Electro2560 submitted a new resource:

    Name Color - A simple plugin that allows players to set the color of their name

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  2. Wow I was looking for a plugin like that for AGES!

    Does this support Essentials and Essentials Chat? If so, I'll tell you that I love you. :D
  3. I don't think it works with Essentials, I'll add support for it today
  4. Okay, I'll wait for the Essentials support version, I really need it.

    Do it fast if you can :D
  5. While I work on it, is there any way to disabled essentials chat / nicks?
  6. Umm, There suppose to be a setting for it in the Essentials config file. You need to find it and add # before the command in the file to disable it.

    But why should you disable it? If people want to give higher rankers the option to change nick?
  7. Plugins like this have been out for years.
    No point in making another one.
  8. Plugins of letting players change their name color by command? That support essentials chat for example?

    I'm not talking about doing /nick &6<name> for example. I want to let Rank 1 to have option to color their name, and to let Rank 2 to lchange their NICK with colors, while rank 1 can only change the COLORS withut changing the nick.

    Haven't seen a plugin like that yet.
  9. I understand. I made this plugin so a player can only change their name to one solid color. This is not like a nick name plugin.
  10. I understand perfectly.
    Million plugins already out there.
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    All Colors Are Added & Colors Now Have Specific Permissions!

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  12. Dude please update for permissionex and essentialschat.
    Make permissionex to stay prefix but name chanking.
  13. I'll make an update for that soon :D
  14. Today please :D
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  15. is this plugin for above your head too or not
  16. No but it could be added if you would like
  17. YUP!!!!!!!
  18. Fast reply btw uh?
  19. Not work for me, i have essential chat and permX i dont know if its the problèm .