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  1. NAME OF THIS PLUGIN ? please Screenshot_89.png
  2. That is a custom plugin that servers make - it's only possible with packets.

    Sorry to disappoint you! :(
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    It is likely VentureChat using JSON hover formatting and placeholders. I'm not sure if DeluxeChat can do this but if it can it's $7.50 compared to VentureChat for free.
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  4. I think it should be deluxechat
  5. @GastonG If you want to use chat channels, a moderation GUI, and don't want to pay any money, you should use VentureChat. If you want a more "drag 'n drop" plugin that is easier to setup, and you don't mind spending $7.50, you should buy DeluxeChat. It really depends on your level of expertise and what you are going to do with it.
  6. Wow if you want a moderator gui, i actually did one for a private server, but the didnt accept my request i can upload it
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  8. Someone started a Spambot which switched accounts and sends DeluxeChat? @clip (No offense :D)
  9. What?
  10. I was wondering weather someone started a spam-bot which spams DeluxeChat. :)
  11. to settle this, it can be either DeluxeChat or VentureChat.
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  12. The only true way to tell is by running the plugins commands, for deluxechat, just do /dchat and if you get a error saying you aren't allowed to perform this command or similar(it could be the same, if it gives you any message(besides the message saying the command is not found), then it is DeluxeChat), if it is VentureChat, if you do /venturechat, it should reply with a message saying that "You don't have <permission>", that is the easiest way to tell what the server is using.
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