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  1. For some people, they just want to name their price, either it be $0 or $100. So instead of buying then downloading, they input the price they want to pay for the resource.

    You may set a minimum or maximum
    Hope this idea was just as cool as it seemed to me.
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  2. Okay I'd like to pay £0.00
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  3. How is this any different from donating?
  4. MiniDigger


    you could set min/max for your ressource, so everyone could spend what they are comfortable with.

    I like this idea. we need an addon for the xenforo resource manager that can provide that functionality tho...
    if anyone knows one pls link it here!
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  5. Completely disagree. How many people do you seriously think would spend more than the lowest amount (I'd say >1%). Also, it seems unfair some people would be paying more for the exact same plugin. Set a price and keep to it; if it's not enough - raise the price.
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  6. MiniDigger


    well, thats your attitude to plugins, other ppl maybe will value the work a developer puts into a plugin more.
    I think that this is better then a donate button because its more present on the buying process. you may think, this ressource looks cool, lets give that guy a couple of bucks extra.
  7. MineCove


    Pretty much, wishful thinking otherwise
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  8. It's insulting that you would acuse me of doing this, considering I would be fairly likely to give more if I feel the plugin was priced too low.

    That said, are you seriously saying that the majority of users would give more than what is nessasary. You are buying a product. I don't walk into a supermarket and "Instead of $1 for this milk, I'll give you $4", same logic will be applied here.
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  9. MiniDigger


    sorry if you felt insulted buy that.
    It does not matter of only 1% use this to give the developer more, its still more.
    you can't compare this to a supermarket. on spigot feal much more connected to the developer then you feal to the farmer that produced your milk. you don't know him, you never talked to him and you properly never will. On spigot you got a better connection to the developer. you may talk to him because you want a feature added or because you need some help or something like this. so you get to know the ppl and may feel that you want to give them something extra for their hard work.
    this is really not much effort from a administrative point of view (if we find a plugin that supports this) but the value to developers could be high.
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  10. It's the premise, You're not going to pay more for something than you have to.
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  11. 4chan


    I would personally give some developers more, especially if I was a first buyer and the plugin was made by a respected developer and looked like it had a lot of work put into it.
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  12. It looks like a cool feature that could be added. The only thing I could think of is that you can't test the plugin before you buy the plugin (in most cases). Therefor someone can't decide if the plugin is worth more than the author is asking for. Of course, there could be a test server, multiple good reviews and a video about the plugin, but still, you can't test it on your own server, with your own configuration.

    Maybe instead having a feature that easely allows people to donate to the author. Maybe a "Donate" button right after the "Download" button. (For free resources / a resource the user have bought).

    Just my opinion.
  13. I am the person who is willing to pay more to a project if it is accepting donations instead of having a fixed price.

    so FYI such people exists
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  14. Wow folks, I'm saying authors of their plugins whom set it to be name your price only get such an option, its not forced upon.

    May I add, it is wishful thinking this happens, cause, I SUGGESTED IT :p
  15. 4chan


    I like it tho
  16. Our argument is that this is usless. Noone will pay for more than they are asked to unless they know the developer etc.
  17. These people feel differently apparently

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  18. 4chan


    Worth it because of this.
    Those that know the developers will optionally help people more.

    It's like those companies that let you donate to a charity at payment. I pick that too.
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  19. Since no add-on has been suggested, that would need to be brought forward first.

    Secondly, it will require some setup; enough to outweigh it's usefulness I'd say. The inevitable increase in compliants that someone paid too much are most certainly not worth it either.
  20. Ahm..


    Just ask their paypal mail, or check the paypal account you sent the money when you purchase the plugin and send them more.

    What is wrong with you all?
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