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  1. What should I call my servers custom AntiCheat?
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  2. Well what makes your plugin different from others?
  3. It has a ban animated of fire circling around them. Then they are banned.
  4. For the 1000000000 time this year, somebody posted in the wrong section. This is more like Offtopic.
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  5. Is this an actual custom AntiCheat or a plugin like NoCheatPlus with an animated ban?
  6. A ban command is not an anticheat, in the same way that cmd.exe is not antivirus.
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  7. Like @FlyingLlama said, a ban command is not an anticheat. The animation sounds cool, though anyways, if it was an anticheat: FlameAC (can't come up with anything better)

    @Demeng7215 what's with the formatting? hello everyoen this is my spigot forum post. if i underline and make it bold everyone will see it 11/10 times
  8. I was just raging because people do this. It is against the Spigot rules.
    And yes, if you bold and underline your message people will see it better. Got a problem with that? :confused:
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  9. Call it.....

    :eek: :eek:
  10. It IS an anticheat. Not a ban command
  11. Mind answering my question?
  12. No, I was just wondering.
    You don't need to rage over it, you just politely ask them with this formatting of that they posted this in the wrong section.
    Have a good day.
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  13. it is actual custom anticheat
  14. BlazeCheat(+)

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  15. If it's an actual custom anticheat
    Why the fuck do you need to name it?
    go find better things to do...
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  16. If somebody steals it or takes credit of it and you called it "Plugin12" instead of an AntiCheat name you're retarded
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  17. If it is a custom anticheat, how do people even steal it?
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  18. Exactly. I wonder how many "NoCheat" and "AntiHack" plugins there are out.

    Why not call it Bonzi Buddy AntiCheat or something dank alike? it'll get as many views as joey salads m7.
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  19. If I create a custom server, all of my plugins just contain their purpose, an anticheat plugin would be called "AntiCheat"
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