Bungee - Proxy NameChangeTracker [Bungee] 1.3

Keep track about the name changes of Players.

  1. inventivetalent submitted a new resource:

    NameChangeTracker [Bungee] - Keep track about the name changes of Players.

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  2. Looks good, perhaps you can do the same thing but when a player types in chat you are able to hover over there name?
  3. Do the join messages display bungee-wide, or are they local (per server)? I'd prefer them to be local.

    Looks really nice, though! This is exactly how I wanted this information to be displayed.
  4. The message is global. The Bukkit (local) version of the Plugin can be found here: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/namechangetracker-bukkit.3842/
  5. Nice! Could you also add a command /UUID (name) to lookup other playernames and the UUID?
    Could you also allow us to turn off some of the plugins options
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  6. Sure, I'll add that. (if you just want to look up the Names you can also use the standalone program)
    Which options would you like to turn off?
  7. oh didn't know I could use that program lol, What's the looking up history though?
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  8. Is there a way to disable the join message thing completely? Getting rid of the message in the config only makes a blank line popup when someone joins.
  9. That's not supposed to happen. I'll fix it.
  10. Thanks for the quick fix!
  11. can you make it so if somebody Leave / Join spams the server, it its not spamming? something like an Delay? so if somebody join' s the message isn' t displayed again in 10 seconds. And an command (/toggle) to toggle off the notifications for yourself if that is possible its an Epic plugin :)
  12. Yes, I will add the toggle command. (Should also help with the spam)
  13. And /toggle ? :p
  14. That's exactly what I updated ;) (/nct toggle)
  15. But /toggle is more easy
  16. It is, but it could interfere with other plugins.