"Nameless" Minecraft Website Software

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  1. samerton


    Thanks for 21,000+ recorded installations!

    Latest release: version 1.0.21 - GitHub, Spigot resource

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    NamelessMC is a free, easy to use & powerful website software for your Minecraft server, which includes a large range of features.

    • Template and theme system
    • Languages
    • Addon system
    • New "core modules"
    • Forum topic labels (not yet permission based, working on that)
    • Basic subforums
    • Alerts system, including popup notifications upon user tagging or a new staff application
    • Small additions including page loading time and the ability to enable/disable error reporting from the AdminCP
    • New email system
    • API and plugin support
    • Ability to disable UUID linking, allowing support for offline mode servers
    • Basic custom page system
    • (Coming soon) Server statistics integration - get the plugin here.
    • Donate
    • Voting
    • Memberlist
    • Infractions
    • Google Analytics
    • Social media
    • Registration
    • Voice server status
    • Staff Applications
    • PermissionsEX control panel
    • Stats
    • Tickets

    Main Repository


    Official Plugin

    Czech: @SnooWiK
    Dutch: @sander0542, Azoraqua, @Headhunterz_, melerpe, @AyoungCoder , RobinMCNetwork and @smessie
    EnglishUK: @samerton
    Finnish: @-kakara-
    French: @CreaModZ
    German: @LPkkjHD, @manuelgu, @BukkitTNT, @Philipp0002, @McLive, Cl1608Ho and monjo44
    Norwegian: @Partydragen
    Spanish: @Paloke, lockerecca, mrlost, @Talkahe, @Dexkum and Ariuw
    Slovak: @Marki35
    Portuguese: dgatales


    Official NamelessMC Plugin - Now released!

    I've had a few requests to create a donation link, you can find one here. Thanks for all the support!
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  2. Maximvdw


    looks nice, apart from the bootstrap part :/
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  3. Looks really nice :)
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  4. Holy cow, that's nice.
    Is it responsive though? :p
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  5. I would assume it is based on the fact it uses Bootstrap, which is responsive.
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  6. samerton


    Thanks for the replies :)

    Thanks, sadly I have no idea where to start when it comes to creating a theme from scratch..

    It is indeed: http://i.imgur.com/Kwm8Bdj.jpg
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  7. Neat.
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  8. I'd be down for alpha testing;)
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  9. That looks awesome! Cannot wait for a release. :)
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  10. Looks great!
    Is the forum custom-coded? If so, will there be any port scripts from phpbb, smf...?
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  11. samerton


    The forum is custom coded, yes. I'll definitely try and get some port scripts made, however I'm not certain when they'll be ready.
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  12. samerton


    My current public site just uses the theme/layout plus IPBoard, however I do have a (somewhat) private site where I'm developing this package :)
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  13. JamesJ


    Looks good, however can you put the forums on that site?
    We can't see them, it redirects to IPBoard :3
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  14. samerton


    I'll get a demo up and running in the next couple of days, not quite at that stage yet though.
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  15. Wow, congratulations Sam! This is beautiful :)
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  16. I can make a theme for it if you want.
    Message me if you want to discuss about it.
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  17. This looks amazing!
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  18. Looks great, excited to see more :D
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  19. samerton


    I've created a (currently very limited) demo here. Please feel free to have a browse around.

    There's no signing in or registering currently as I have a few things to iron out first. Please remember that it is in a very early state and there's still a very long way to go.
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