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  1. Interrogating statistics can be done via an iFrame; by the looks of it, that looks like what he did.
  2. The Statistics page is a seperate page that gathers it from MySQL

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  3. mathhulk

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    I think he is asking what pre-made page they used. I have seen these same statistics somewhere before, but just cannot put my mind to where.
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  4. It's just called Statistics :) I can link it when im at a pc

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  5. Ah I misinterpreted it then.
  6. I ve an question! There is an option for a Minecraft - Plugin! Link?
  7. This seems awesome, I just bought a webserver to play around with it. Cant wait!
  8. Maybe this has already been suggested but I think these features are cool to add? :

    A shoutbox
    A page translation so players can change the translation of the webpage?
  9. samerton


    There is a plugin being worked on, but it is not ready yet.

    A shoutbox/chat feature is planned for the future, not sure when I'll get it done though.
    Allowing users to change their language is also planned, hopefully not too far away.
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  10. @samerton Possible i can pay you a little or some things to code a some knowledgebase or some things like this? http://cubedcraft.com/support/survival

    I started but need to code it manually every thing :/

    My plannes are to have a index on /support/index for main site to select who server them need help on and i add 1 page for every server with Norsk and English Possible u can fix some things like this soon?

    And them can select content on the top

    Currently now i need to add codes for every lines and things its MUCH more easy if i had a editor but idk how it shold work to fix a editor with content
  11. Arc


    Hey, does this work for php 7.0? I'm on php 7.0 and it gives me a white page upon completion of install.

    heres a picture of the webpage http://puu.sh/ooU19/e748e1d8cc.png
  12. Check your webserver error log
  13. Arc


    log/apache2/error.log doesn't report any errors.

    EDIT: got it, apparently had to change permissions recursively not just the core folder itself
  14. Looks great! I will give it a try!
  15. This is a pretty neat tool. A few things I'd LOVE to see added asap to really increase functionality.

    - Getting emailed (from my [email protected] email) when someone comments on your post, or such, being able to subscribe to threads. Etc etc etc
    - Able to create more detailed permissions for groups. Rather than just "Access Moderation panel" and "Access Admin panel", maybe include an advanced feature for people like me who want to let them view certain things on the Admin panel, but not others, or want regular players to view staff applications in the Moderation panel, but not do other things too. I'd like to compartmentalize their permissions. How it is now is comparable to making a permissions plugin that either gives the player ALL permissions for something like WorldEdit, or none. There's no customization.
    - I would like to see a fix for YouTube videos displaying weird on mobile devices. When a video is posted (no matter the settings used) in a forum post, it messes with the layout. Also, on the mobile when you click on the page menu, some things can't be seen until other things are clicked on. You can't see your name (to click on the admin or mod control panels). Perhaps later on down the road you can make a very mobile friendly website, where it shows pages more designed for the mobile. Kind of how the Netflix app is designed, as opposed to their site. First, you're brought to a screen where it asks you to log in, register, or continue as guest. Then you can see maybe the topmost forum post and a bar at the top to navigate the site. It would make it feel much more ergonomic.

    I hope you consider these suggestions! Thanks!
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  16. Put the install.php in your root folder
  17. samerton


    Unfortunately I don't have much time at the moment to work on client work due to university amongst other commitments.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
    - Email notifications are planned for a future release
    - More detailed permissions will be in the upcoming 1.1 release (#3)
    - I'll look into the issues you mention with embedding Youtube videos, however I can't reproduce any issues with the mobile navigation system as they seem to work without issues on my end. Nameless is built with the Bootstrap framework, which is designed for mobile and scales up for bigger screens.

    You need to move all files out of the "1" directory into your root directory

    Whilst this appears to work, the installer won't be able to find the correct files, so it does need to be in the pages directory instead.