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  1. Yes I uploaded my copy of Nameless that includes my custom theme.
  2. I know but its stand its already installed and other namelesdmc websites working fine

    But i goes away this weeked im not bk before sunday ;/ so cant fix any things samerton have full access to every things on namelesshosting but samerton not know how cpanel whm are working i think ;/
  3. I`m experienced with DirectAdmin,cPanel,Zpanel and Sentora.
  4. Realy Realy cool! Im going to use it! ;D

    I've got an 500error..

    Linux Debian.8 64Bit
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  5. I taked a fast check and looks like its only you website of all 16 websites who are effected :/ And i checked your files i see you have much in your home folder before public_html with php folder and things idk that have effected that
    again i don't have more time to check before sunday i now soon goes offline until sunday

    EDIT: I can run the resetup command to reset your website but u need to confirm the reset before 1 and half hour because then i lose internet connection

    Then you upload your NamelessMC Website ONLY and not all other files not change the files outside the public_html because i see its much things there that change settings on your website that may have effected your PDO
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  6. Decided to try reinstalling, and now it says I don't have mcrypt, when I've installed it. Any ideas?
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    Can you check your Apache error logs (usually /var/log/apache2/error.log) for related errors?

    Can you try (Debian/Ubuntu):
    sudo apt-get install php5-mcrypt
    sudo php5enmod mcrypt
    sudo service apache2 restart
  8. Is there any way to update the "donate" section to change how the items from minecraftmarket are displayed?

    The titles are cut off and the way the items are sorted look wierd (first 4 items squeezed in to one row then the next 5 items alone on a row...?)- and i would like to show the product icons.

    Also when i try to create a sale it just redirects me back to the product home page - promotion codes appear to be working so i will use that as a work around but i'd rather offer the product on "sale" without requiring anyone to enter a code
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    Unfortunately there are a few issues with the donate section, it might be best to disable the integrated store (AdminCP -> Addons -> Donate -> Settings), as this will simply embed your Minecraft Market store directly.
  10. I know I'm little late but still have the same error plus I can't auto-login anymore. I haven't touch any of the files outside of the public_html never have.
  11. Whats about the namelesshosting if it does go down will we to take backup of the files etc? If not why would anyone host on a host that could go down any time,
  12. Just a question, how do I get rid of the "Social" box on the home page?
    (Look here: www.combatpvp.net)
  13. Probably the languages settings? (Can't remember where, I think styles/language?)
  14. You can remove that in core/includes/templates and there should be somewhere index or something with .tpl
  15. Can't find it yet. Any more detail?
  16. That works for me.. thanks!
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    Try replacing the contents of styles/templates/*Your Template*/index.tpl with this code.
  18. Okey i made a account on the namelesshosting site but we want to use our domain not a sub domain. How can i do that? Website is already up. Ploxhelp