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  1. U find language file in /addons/Donate/language.php

    And to change url can messy, u need to change donate in every files in donate addon
  2. seriously? every single words (donate) in each and every files in the donate file?

    edit: i just did it, still not working. besides, my website crashed because of that.
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  3. Well not every word, your website trying to load donate addon when it not exist all pages get error 500, can tell u better when im home from job
  4. ok then, thanks
  5. Hahaha thank you bro! You are the best like your software! :D
  6. having issues installing this - I meet all requirements but there's no button or anything to move onto the next step. Any ideas?

  7. samerton


    Can you try installing the php-xml extension before restarting Apache.

    Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt-get install php5-dom
    CentOS: yum install php-xml
  8. Worked! Thank you
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  9. samerton



    The second version 2 pre-release is now available. As well as being a lot more stable than the first pre-release, there are also many more features including Minecraft integration (and AuthMe support), a fix to the invalid token issue which has been around since the first pre-releases, custom default avatars, a contact form and much more.

    The download files for new installations can be found here, and you are running pre-release 1 you can update through the AdminCP -> Update tab. As always there is a full changelog available here.

    Updating from v1 is also possible (you need to remove your v1 files, upload the v2 files and run through the upgrade script in the installer), however running the pre-release on a public site is at your own risk.

    Sam :)
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  10. samerton



    Just a little update, the link to the v2 pre-release in my previous post was pointing to the wrong branch, I've now fixed it and the download should correctly be for v2 pre-release 2 :)
  11. pej


    Hey I tried changing the background image (not the website, the one behind the text box in the homepage) and the image won't appear. here ios my website rocketmc.us
  12. pej


    How do I change the home page picture? I deleted the 2 photos and uploaded my own but nothing comes up.
  13. Put the picture in /core/assets/img. The picture needs to be called "background-1920x828" and make sure it is a JPG file. After uploading the new picture refresh your browser's cache using Ctrl+F5
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  14. This is really cool thanks for giving the community such a great addition
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  15. pej


    Thanks bro it worked
  16. pej


    How would I change the color of the ranks in the forum?
  17. samerton


    When you edit your groups in the AdminCP -> Users and Groups tab, you will see a field named "Group HTML" and "Group HTML Large". In these fields, it'll say something like <span class="label label-danger">Rank Name</span>. You can replace the label-danger part with any of the colours available by default, you can find a list of them here.

    Adding your own colours is a bit more tricky, you need to edit core/assets/css/custom_core.css in a text editor, add this code inside:
    Code (Text):

    .label-custom {
      background-color: #999;
    replacing custom in label-custom with your label name, and #999 with the colour you'd like your background to be (it must be a hex colour or RGB). Then, you can use the label in the same way as the default ones, for example <span class="label label-custom">...

    Hope that helps :)
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  18. Hello, i have got an issue with the website. On the play list the player heads are bugged. It is really weird. Could someone help me? Here is a screenshot


  19. samerton


    Unfortunately the player list isn't compatible with Bungee instances, or servers which modify the player count in the Minecraft multiplayer server list. This isn't something that can be fixed I'm afraid.

    If it's a Bungee instance you're using, you can work around this by defining each backend Spigot server in your AdminCP and display those on the Play page instead.
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