Spigot NamelessMC Registration Plugin 2.0.0


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    NamelessMC 1.0 - NamelessMc

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  2. Why may we not reload our servers?
  3. U can it was me who did some things wrong first time i will remove the note now
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  4. The sight of this resource just caused me to have a grin on my face :p. Coincidentally I literally started making a plugin to achieve this just yesterday!

    Glad to see this here (I can actually spare some time in my life now :p)
  5. Glad to hear :)
  6. Could you add a feature where you could do /register <email> and not include a password, then the password will be sent to the email?
  7. samerton


    This would require the upcoming Nameless web API, and the official Nameless plugin will include this feature.
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  8. Can you add the ability to run commands when they register? On my server, i'd like it to run "/give {player} goldenapple" when they register and to also run "/broadcast {player} has just registered on the forums!"
  9. I don't know because this is just a temp plugin but maybe i get it added because i want that self but not easy since i run a network if them register them only get the reward on that server
  10. no matter what i try i always end up with a "cannot connect to database" error.
  11. U using cpanel for your website? If you need to add deamon ip whitelist inside cpanel on mysql remote

    And in your config you using the website database right?
  12. i have added my server ip on the cPanel and the config is set to the same database as the website but it still wont connect
  13. There's a chance that your host doesn't support remote connections. I used to use Namecheap but switched away since they wouldn't allow me to allow my server to remotely connect to my webserver.

    I recommend clarifying this with your provider.
  14. Probably not the best idea to send statements to the database on the main thread. You can do this asynchronously along with a connection pool like HikariCP. Also, it's pretty pointless to include a JBDC driver.
  15. Do you can add support with AuthMe?
  16. INFO [INFO] com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure

    Kinda wanna ask about how to fix this error? Thanks
  17. Please add support for spigot 1.7 :/
  18. This works on 1.10 - great.

    I am wondering if it is possible to have a command run when a player registers - i'd like to give players a reward for registering.
  19. Can you make this backwards compatible with 1.7.x?