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The "Nameless" Minecraft Website Software

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    NamelessMC - The "Nameless" Minecraft Website Software

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    Full Changelog

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    Glad to hear! Feel free to leave a review!
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  4. cool you should make vote pages and online status for enjin :)
  5. saphiria


    @samerton loves all sugestions. I will make sure he gets this.
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  6. Very very good but you can add system for servers compatibility with AuthMe Reloaded and register in game and in website.
  7. In the works,


    Just a few page suggestions:

    On the licence spoiler, "Copyright (c) 2015 NamelessMC" should be "Copyright (c) 2015 Samerton".
    The licence text isn't that big, I'd leave it without a spoiler, or just link to the licence in the repo. (https://github.com/NamelessMC/Nameless/blob/master/LICENSE.md)

    The video in the support section isn't in a spoiler, so if you don't plan to put it in one you may wanna remove the text "SPOILER]" above it.

    It'd be nice to see the features and about area increased with more text, while I understand we have a page for features else where It'd just be easier for users who are looking for some forum software to see a small feature list.. and then like "To see the rest of the features that this forums has to offer just click here." or something like that.

    And possibly a better tagline for SEO reasons.

    Also, under "Edit Resource" can you add Additional Information URL, which would be https://namelessmc.github.io/
  8. saphiria


    Thanks so much! I will be putting most if not all of those suggestions into effect.
  9. Oh and possibly a message stating that a plugin is in the works
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  10. Is there anyway to disable the UUID checking? I have an offline-mode server and users can't register :(
  11. @samerton is currently working on this for the version 1.0 release which should be out fairly soon.
  12. Why did you post this instead of samerton?
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  13. saphiria


    I am helping him out for advertising and marketing. My goal is to increase publicity of the project, and I got explicit permission from him to do it.
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  14. Looks really awesome, good job.
  15. saphiria


    Thanks! <3
  16. Are we able to edit the theme of the forum?

    (I wasn't able to message on your profile page but nice art work! ;) )

    Edit: :333
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  17. saphiria


    Yes I am.
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  18. I am available to help in all ways possible.
  19. samerton


    Sure, vote pages are currently implemented and I can add a status module in the future.

    You can in the current 1.0 pre-release with the new template and theme system.
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