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  1. I have already done that, but some individuals don't know how.
  2. Ok :) But yes its a good idea to be an addon or something.
  3. samerton


    I'm really not sure what's going on there sorry, the Javascript console on your page says there's a 404 loading the file, and also navigating to it directly in a browser also produces a 404. I can only suggest that you try renaming the file from jquery.cookie.js to jquery-cookie.js, and then replace the contents of core/includes/template/scripts.php with this code.

    I'm not sure a Dynmap addon as such would be developed, as @dangerORclose says the custom page system will work for this. I'll write a tutorial at some point helping users with this, as I appreciate this might not be too straightforward.
    As for the Twitter widget, the height was fixed in this commit and the fix will be included in the next release.

    Mass mailing is planned for a future release :)
  4. Hello i had the idea to make a redirect to my ts3 server.
    I made wafmc.be/ts redirecting too ts3server:// . It works, but then the page keeps also open at a white screen.
    Can i make it returning too wafmc.be or something elso? Or just let it shot the page instead of a white screen.
  5. samerton


    There's no way to do this in the current custom page system, as the script is killed after redirecting so no other content can be displayed on the screen. There's a possibility in the future this could be changed, but I'm not sure when.
  6. Hey everyone,

    I've updated the german language file. It can be added by dropping the file into the styles/language/German directory.
    The new file contains replacements of the translations for the new announcement system and some spelling-mistake-fixes.
    I hope it will be updated in the next update!

    Download here.
  7. samerton


    Thanks! I've just updated the GitHub repository, so your changes will be in the next update (fully credited of course ;))
  8. @samerton Can we just add a simple PayPal button for donations to the Donation add-on? I don't sell ranks or anything but I would love a way to make a simple "Donate" button with your new add-on. Thanks! I can edit the Index.php but for every update, I have to re-edit it and the Donate add-on would be great for this. I tried to add the PayPal button to the donate add-on but it just returns a blank page. Page is down right now since I can't really afford to run it 24/7, I will bring it up and post a screen shot if you need.
    Screenshot from 2016-08-28 19-36-45.png
    Here's my Link.....
    Screenshot from 2016-08-28 19-37-27.png
    And it returns this.....
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  9. Can you have custom titles/banners? Like Co_owner etc

    Sorry about Grammer phones suck
  10. You should probably clarify what you mean...Like, a custom banner for each person that logs on to the website? or just create a custom Banner for the web site? The answer to the second question is, yes, the 1st, I have no idea.
  11. samerton


    You can try creating an iFrame in a custom page to display your PayPal page, it will probably work a lot better.

    If you're referring to custom banners for each group, you can add custom banners by following these steps.
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  12. NamelessHosting is now updated to latest NamelessMC version (1.0.12) :)
    And yea i know its late xD
    Everyone is welcome to make a NamelessMC site for free
  13. Another suggestion, make it so user can select which language to view the website in. Maybe like put the language option in the website footer for each user? I'm not sure if this will take up space for remembering every user's language or the website can use cache or cookie thingy?
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  14. Its already planned :p To add it to profile settings or somethings
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  15. samerton


    Per-user language has been implemented in the 2.0 development builds :)
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  16. An idea for the plugin.. Make so players can do /report player. And it opens a book and the when they press done it sends that report tonthe website mofcp reports idk :)
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  17. I cannot play minecraft now. I do not have Microsoft Office and I am not stupid enough to pay for it. So I cannot get DirectX
  18. Huh? Well, this NamelessMC thing... It's not a average plugin you use on your Minecraft server, it's a website software that are free and is better than Enjin. What do you mean you don't have Office? Nobody said you were dumb enough to pay for it. The software only require Notepad++ (for Windows) and it's 100% free, can support lot of coding language, and it's open source. DirectX? Nether NamelessMC or Minecraft itself require DirectX.

    So, I have no idea what you're trying to said.
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  19. -_-

    I know its not. Yes, Minecraft does require DirectX as DirectX is the 3D driver. Windows now comes with it but I am using a old version of Windows 7

    Yes, I know what Notepad++ is. I use it for HTML5
    1. Login on CPanel with your username and password that you received from your email
    I did not get a email