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The "Nameless" Minecraft Website Software

  1. Hmm, My Minecraft doesn't seem to to show any information saying that it's running it

    Also, if you know what a notepad++ is, then why did you mentioned Office?
  2. DirectX is a addon to what ever you graphics card is.
  3. Intel intergrated graphic card :p

    I know I need a Nvedia one :(
  4. U talk about NamelessHosting or other host?
  5. Another suggestion for the NamelessMC plugin, I'm not sure if you guys have planned it yet.. :)

    Make it so it add friends system in game and use the GUI similar to Mineplex. Another cool thing is that it should sync with your website profile's friend list to the server with features like notifying if their friend is online either on the website or in game (if the user is viewing them from site).

    I guess it's possible with the website host database.
  6. Somethings like this is planned as i remember :p
  7. Ah
    Ah, I'm getting more hyped about this :D
  8. Can u add a feature to the custom pages area where the page will show up in the nav bar ONLY if the user has permission to view the page? Thanks!
  9. Hey,
    On my site when activating TFA it says "Invalid key, please try again" when it's the right key.
    On top of that, gravatar doesn't work at all and doesn't prompt for a gravatar e-mail. Any way of fixing both of these issues?
  10. samerton


    Sounds good, hopefully this can be implemented.

    This should definitely be possible, I'll see what can be done about this.

    I'll try and add this for the next release.

    Unfortunately the TFA issue has been reported once before however no fix was found, I can only assume this is something to do with server configuration although I'm not sure what exactly at the moment. I'll have to disable the app-based TFA for now, until a solution can be found.
    As for Gravatar, if I remember correctly it's based off the user's site email address and there isn't an option to configure this at the moment. I can look into the Gravatar integration as it's getting quite old.
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  11. Bug: When disabling the social twitter feed, the sidebar area remains with "Social" written above the empty region. Ideally if there is nothing in the social column then the news would then take the width of this area.

    Feature Request: More for us to do with the sidebar. I kind of look at is the widget area of wordpress blogs. Different things we can plug in there.
  12. samerton


    Unfortunately the social column will remain even with no social media settings entered, this will be changed in the future though. For now, it can be removed manually if you're familiar with HTML by editing styles/templates/*Template*/index.tpl.

    As for more sidebar widgets, these are planned for version 2 :)

    It seems to be alright now, there may have been a query error or something along those lines.
  13. It sounds as if you are working on both at once. Is version 2 supposed to replace 1? Hopefully we will be able to migrate.
  14. samerton


    Version 2 will replace version 1, and there will be an upgrade process available.
    Once version 2 is available, there will be no more new features added to version 1, only major bugfixes.
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  15. It is posible to change the background of the web ? Thanks
  16. samerton


    If you're after an image, this should help you out, and if you want a colour change the "background-image" line mentioned in the link to read

    Code (Text):
    background-color: #fff;
    replacing #fff with a hex (or valid CSS) colour of your choice.
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  17. Thanks a lot , but how I can change the color of font and the color of top bar. Thanks a lot, I love your resource
  18. samerton


    To change the font colour, simply add color: #fff; within your body { (which you will have just pasted into the custom CSS file for the background), replacing #fff with a hex/CSS colour of your choice.
    As for the navbar, you'll need to override Bootstrap's CSS, you can find info here (1, 2). Note the CSS found within those links need to go in the same custom.css file as before.
  19. Authme Plugin support coming soon ?