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  1. samerton


    Unfortunately it's not possible for me to send you a config.php to be configured, as the installer also needs to initialise your database and cache.
    If you're getting a 404 not found error whilst trying to run the installer, double check a file named ".htaccess" exists within your web root, and that it contains these rules.
  2. Is this allowed to be in my public_html, or does it need to be in www/var/HTML etc. I forgot if it's just a shortcut
  3. samerton


    public_html is fine for installing Nameless :)
  4. Hmm then I can't think of a probkem
  5. I am not sure what's going on I just load up a back of my NamelessMC website and MySQL and I am getting an HTTP ERROR 500 now? Any ideas
  6. Can you make it so user can't report the root user? Couple of my user keep reporting me for no apparent reason and they don't seem to bother my staff expect for me.
  7. @samerton can u please add support for CoreProtect2 data lookup? I found this but I was hoping u could make it an integrated addon of NamelessMC and make it themed like NamelessMC? Thanks!
  8. I have fixed what happened, it was a permissions error. :p
  9. @samerton Could you add the ability to change the name of the "Staff Applications" module / create different ones / create a general form module? I would like to use it for ban appeals, but the name "Staff Applications" cannot be changed.
  10. You can use my Ban Appeal Addon its like Staff Application
  11. Yep Core Protect 2 :D look at all my suggestions in the NamelessMC Github Issues area XD I'm the suggestion #BAUSE XD

    :O U make addons?! There needs to be some database to look through to find addons by going to @samerton's website or something. :O UR PARTYDRAGEN?! HOLY SHIT COOL!!! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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  12. Yea i know i waching namelessmc and github multiple times every day self i not answer

    A addon, template, theme list is planned for v2.0

    And yea im Partydragen, u know about me xD
  13. obv u replied to my suggestions XD
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  14. samerton


    samerton updated NamelessMC with a new update entry:


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  15. When I upload it and go to new install following appears:

    Not Found
    The requested URL /install was not found on this server.

    Apache/2.4.10 (Debian) Server at applemc.eu Port 80

    Please help :c
  16. Have you installed Nameless in a subdirectory or your web server's root directory?
    Is there a file named ".htaccess" within the root directory?
  17. samerton


    Sure, I'll look into it when I revamp reporting for 2.0.

    I'll try to create an addon for this for version 2.0.

    A general form module sounds good, I'll get one created for version 2.0.

    This should help you out :)
  18. There's no .htaccess File :c
  19. samerton


    Try creating one manually (in your web root, alongside files such as the readme and the changelog) containing these rules.