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  1. @NamelessMC Im trying use this code

    <iframe src="http://dragonheart.buycraft.net" width="100%" height="900px"></iframe>

    For integrate buycraft in our web with Iframe,but not works,appears 404 page not found,and i try another codes and i have the same answer.
  2. samerton


    If it's showing a 404 not found error, make sure your custom page URL has a / at the start, for example /store.

    If you're still getting the issue, can you please take a screenshot of your custom page settings so I can take a look?
  3. Now works the page but we cant see the content

    here is the page:

    Here is the code we use:

    <iframe src="????????" width="100%" height="1200">
    <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>
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  4. samerton


    It looks like the src attribute from the iFrame has been removed, can you enable the "Allow unsafe HTML?" option for the custom page, and then paste your iFrame again?
  5. I did it,still appearing just the white box
  6. samerton


    The iFrame code is correct now, however the problem is caused by Dynmap running on an http:// site, whereas your site is https://, so it's being blocked.
  7. Thanks you!!! now the Dynmap works fine!! but the buycraft shop still appearing the white box,maybe the code is wrong? is this one:

    <iframe src="???" width="100%" height="900px"></iframe>

    The link:

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  8. samerton


    It looks like the src attribute has been removed, can you enable unsafe HTML for this page too and then re-paste the iFrame into the editor?
  9. Where can I change the default size font of articles? I want change it from 12px to 14px. It have to change every time font size if I want add something.
  10. samerton


    If you're using version 1, you can edit core/assets/css/custom_core.css, and add font-size: 14px; to the .forum_post class (version 2 is in core/assets/css/custom.css).
    To view the changes, you may have to force a browser refresh (Ctrl+F5), also note this will not change the font size within the post editor itself.
  11. Works perfectly,thanks you so much,best support ever!
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  12. Help...

    Database initialisation
    The installer is now attempting to create the necessary tables in the database.

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1286 Unknown storage engine 'InnoDB'' in /profiles/s/si/sir/sir1pacman/mcglobal.cba.pl/core/classes/DB.php:68 Stack trace: #0 /profiles/s/si/sir/sir1pacman/mcglobal.cba.pl/core/classes/DB.php(68): PDOStatement->execute() #1 /profiles/s/si/sir/sir1pacman/mcglobal.cba.pl/core/classes/DB.php(85): DB->createQuery('CREATE TABLE `n...') #2 /profiles/s/si/sir/sir1pacman/mcglobal.cba.pl/core/classes/Queries.php(112): DB->createTable('addons', ' `id` int(11) N...', 'ENGINE=InnoDB D...') #3 /profiles/s/si/sir/sir1pacman/mcglobal.cba.pl/pages/install.php(890): Queries->dbInitialise('nl1_') #4 /profiles/s/si/sir/sir1pacman/mcglobal.cba.pl/index.php(43): require('/profiles/s/si/...') #5 {main} thrown in /profiles/s/si/sir/sir1pacman/mcglobal.cba.pl/core/classes/DB.php on line 68
  13. samerton


    Your web host does not provide the required MySQL storage engine (InnoDB). Usually this happens on free hosts as an incentive to get you to upgrade to their paid plans.

    If you don't mind using a pre-release (which has missing features, such as staff applications, ingame infractions integration amongst other things), the latest v2 development code (from here) has an option in the installer to switch from InnoDB to MyISAM, which might help.
  14. @samerton My homepage is blank after TeamSpeak module is enabled successfully. It only shows up when I change server adress to wrong one.

    //EDIT: Also some users and templates are duplicated. And I can´t open menu, or alerts
  15. samerton


    I've responded to your message in Discord.
  16. samerton


    What exactly is the issue in the screenshot?
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  17. It says Test. I need it to say what I posted.
  18. If its the main news section, did you set that section in the forums? Admin CP-> Forums-> Category-> Sub-Cat. Maybe try to edit that post
  19. I'm confused on what you mean.