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  1. Nevermind. I was able to fix it
  2. Hi all.... Where can I find the "All calls to the Nameless API require an API key, which can be obtained in the AdminCP -> Minecraft tab, by clicking on "Settings" alongside the "Use Nameless Minecraft plugin" option." option?
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    If you're using the latest recommended release (1.0.19), the API key is simply listed in the AdminCP -> Minecraft tab.

    If you're using the latest version 2 pre-release (pre-release 3), there is no API. It has since been added, and will be in the next pre-release (no estimated release date currently).

    You can check your version in the AdminCP -> Overview tab.
  4. But, where is this Admincp.... Is it on this website? on yours? .....not on mine..... You know what I am saying?
  5. Damn, that part I did not get. Ok, so basically I need a website and as the video shows XAMPP is a good one....
    So far no problem, but it is not what I expected....
    I do have a website, luckily, but I also do not want to mess with it just to get one API key.
    This is really a step closer, thanks, any other problems, I come back here.... (Hope not)
  6. This package IS your website. I must admit, I totally do not follow you.
  7. To all, if you are having a website that is running from the same platform as you would like to run your MC server, there is a possibility to virtually host two websites from one platform. I have not succeeded in fixing this problem..... There must be another method.....
    @EODSteven , sorry to tell, you need a bit more info that just plain telling me that that is my website, as this "website" you refer is the only one at work. That is not the situation here, as I explained.
    Dumb answer, sorry, the video tells that even he is using XAMPP to even let this website work in the first place. This is all backend information, what you talk about is the frontend.....

    (Oh, haven't seen the startpage of "this package" yet! Capiche?)
  8. samerton


    You can run Nameless on most web hosts that allow you to upload your own software, XAMPP is a good solution if you want to test Nameless on your own computer however self hosting on your own computer might not be the best idea for a public website.

    If you already have a website, and you are not using the Nameless website software on there, you will not need to use the Nameless Plugin (and the API) as this is designed only for websites running the Nameless website software.

    Hope that clears things up a bit :)
  9. If I may ask, what do you guys use to encrypt passwords?
  10. samerton


    Passwords are hashed using bcrypt, with a cost of 13.
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    You'll also need to install the php-xml and php-mysql modules.
  12. Hi, I was wondering how I could use NamelessMC v1.0.19 on a ngnix web server? I recentally switched from a host that used Apache. I managed to get the installer to come up, but I get a error 404 after clicking on "No, this is a new install". I'm using this on a subdomain (forums.example.com) if it helps. Also, the Discord invitation link on the Overview page expired.

    edit: forgot to put in that I use php 7.2 and uses LetEncrypt because I saw something about a ssl example file in the .zip file.
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  13. samerton


    There is an example nginx config here, the important section is
    Code (Text):

    location / {
        try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
    In your nginx config file for the subdomain, you'll have to find your existing location / block and change the try_files inside with that.

    As for the Discord link, thanks for spotting that, I'll update it now :)
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  14. Will you change system of php how it works? Now if I open one page and change something but meanwhile I open another page of web, then the articel change back. I everytime for sure copy all text and then confirm post beacause I sometimes lost data that way and I had to write it again.

    Next question is if I can use now nameless 2 instead of nameless 1. Are there any simmilary problem?
  15. samerton


    Nameless uses a form token system to help prevent a type of attack known as cross site request forgery; in version 1 this does mean that you can only have 1 page from your site open at any time.

    Version 2 does fix this problem though, so you will be able to have as many tabs open as you like.
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  16. Is it possible to get rid of the php-mcrypt extension? It is outdated and gives me (I dont know if other people have this as well) alot of stress with installing the panel with php7.2. It is just not supported anymore....
  17. samerton


    Yep, the latest development code from here does not require mcrypt :)