Bungee - Spigot NamePatch 1.0

Fix players naming items really long names

  1. kyle submitted a new resource:

    NamePatch - Fix players naming items really long names

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  2. PhanaticD


    BUT will this remove infinite health boost attribute? that also crashes players and the only fix is resetting their player file
  3. arnofrutos


    I am also looking for a plugin that removes hacked enchants, potion effects. Maybe an idea for next version :)
  4. Actually man you are FREAKING AMAZING for releasing this since you have created this if you are unaware the mod that creates these items is All-U-Want the creator of the mod clearly could careless the stress its causes for servers but he has posted a plugin that blocks his mod on servers but he hasn't updated it since 1.6.2 i figured you would like to know if you could develop a plugin that renders his mod completely useless you would be a god send sir a god send