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The Ultimate Nicknamer [1.6 - 1.13.2]

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    Namer - The Ultimate Nicknamer

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  2. Nice logo ;)
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  3. Inspired by yours truly :)
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  4. The namer is amazing plugin, but it have one BIG bug :( Authme not suppotred
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    Now compatible with AuthMe plugins!

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  6. Perotin updated Namer with a new update entry:

    Added 1.12 & 1.11.2 AuthMe support!

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  7. SlimeDog

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    CB/Spigot 1.13 was released quite a while back. Please consider a release to officially support it.
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  8. Will soon.
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  9. Id like to make some feature requests

    1.) Add a command to change your nickname to a certain colour (Myself and admins probably wouldn't need this feature, it is more intended for average players who haven't memorized the color codes)

    2.) Add functionality that changes the nameplate above the players head and in the tab list

    3.) Add some more permissions, one to change your own nick name, one to change other players nick names, one to change your nickname colour if you dont input your own within the nick command, & one to change other players colours.

    4.) Elaborating on the previous point. Some extra permissions to add further control to server stuff would be like this, A permission to use magic (&k), one for using formatting codes, one for using colour codes, and another to change the maximum characters a nickname can be.

    I feel these would be a great addition and would help to make this plugin, truly the Ultimate Nickname Plugin!!!!

    Keep up the great work!!!!

    [EDIT] It has occurred to me that some of the things i suggested are indeed in the plugin, my first impression of the plugin which prompted me to write the post was based only on the images, commands, and permissions.
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  10. SlimeDog

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    While some may find colors useful, I would never permit them. Colors (no magic!) on my servers are controlled by teams/factions -- players cannot arbitrarily change them. YMMV.
  11. That is why I suggested the dev add permissions for all the different features so that server administrators can have full control on what players can and cant use
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  12. SlimeDog

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    Agreed. Options that people will use are good.
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  13. SlimeDog

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    Please implement a command to reset to the original player name. This is essential functionality.
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  14. SlimeDog

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    Please implement command
    /namer reload
    that supports names.yml being edited manually.
  15. Good suggestions - will do.
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  16. Any idea on how long it would take?
  17. Will be out by today.
  18. Perotin updated Namer with a new update entry:

    Added a reset command, reload command

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