Names And Games

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  1. Hello my name is star_biker and I want to run a minecraft server thats 24/7 on a good host currently I am going to run on fluctis but that might change I already know how to add a .com domain and how to configure plugins and I have owned lots of previous successful servers but now I am stumped with SkyRealms coming out with cool custom realms and SkyBounds with a custom skyblock server its extremly hard to compete it used to be easy "back then" I used to run a 300 player base with just Prison and Factions but now you gatta have a youtuber with like 5 mill subs come on and stuff and it sucks but now I need help please! I want to run a 3+ Game with a hub bungee cord community my budget for the monthly payment is $10-15 monthly now that aint much I know but I will upgrade as more players come in as well and I have a around $25 budget for developers and such maybe a little less tbh but I want ONLY custom games I have thought of Creative Free Build witch will be a super flat world with ranks and players rankup by building good and donors will have access to free build in a random generated world and extreme hills free build map and my 2nd idea is one I will need lots of custom plugins for but Adventurer basically players join and can connect to adventue maps but the problem is I cant find a plugin that regenerates them and I cant find out any other really like custom games plus I need a name here are some ideas so far: StarCraft, OPCraft, StarNetwork, OPNetwork, StarRealm! I really like StarRealm but let me know and if you wanna be staff and help on the server let me know as well anyways bye guys! THXS FOR THE HELP! :D