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  1. Are there any plugins for Spigot 1.11 that would be able to change the nametag of a player? I would like to have one as it would help some roleplay in my server.
  2. Hey, i looked for it but it seems like you can not change the playername, however i can make something thats a string beneath the playername

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  3. That would be nice, I have no idea on how to make plugins.
  4. Try NameTagEdit or AnimatedNames. :)
  5. It seems AnimatedNames just adds a cosmetic effect, can NameTagEdit completely change a nametag?
  6. They both do.
  7. Not sure, but another option is to use a disguise plugin.
  8. Do you think you could make the plugin?

    Also, does anyone have any other plugins that might work. I need to keep my skin and be able to change my nametag to something else.