Spigot NametagEdit 4.4.10

Change prefix, suffix and tabs with NametagEdit.

  1. Cory submitted a new resource:

    NametagEdit - Change prefix, suffix, tabs and chat formatting with NametagEdit.

    Need a little page touch up and updated videos and stuff. However, If you don't mind try and test all the features.

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  2. Love to see this on spigot :D
  3. We are please to be on Spigot now. The devs have been working on 3.0 for awhile now and wanted a STABLE release to be placed on Spigot before doing so, we have several builds that has a lot new features.

    We'll be updating the front page resource to make it all pretty soon.

    Please report any bugs! https://github.com/sgtcaze/NametagEdit/issues
  4. Is there a way to stop it from removing all tags if I reload the server? I've setup MySQL and add the prefixes that I want for the ranks or certain players but when I reload (/reload) the server as I said it removes the tags, do you know how to stop this of fix it? I'm using 1.8?


    I also did /ne reload to reload configurations but nothing.
  5. I have a Problem, I download the groups.yml, add my Group etc...
    So, i upload it, stop my Restart my Server, but the groups.yml doesn't save.
    (NametagEdit v3.0)
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  6. Hey !
    I've an Problem ! I'm running Spigot 1.8 and the Nametags aren't visible for all Players in Tab, but the Playername above the Head is working.

    Thanks in Advance
  7. This plugin doesn't work on Spigot 1.8. The groups.yml file does not save.
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  8. I think I might've just fixed that issue for you. I sent a pull request in to the dev. I noticed a really small issue on one line that was causing the plugin to use uuid as playername.
  9. Hey! was was struggling with permissions for this one. It causes PEX to crash entirely for me when i add the permission nodes in, and users who are not OP'd can not use /ne at all, even with the nodes added. It really doesn't seem to work well with permissions D:
    any help would be appreciated.
  10. Bungee support?
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  11. .
    The same request :D
    Excellent plugin, but I have a problem with the coloredtab, it doesn't apply to the tab using bungeecord, is there any solution for this?
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  12. If a group inheriets a permission node for a prefix/suffix it'll display that rather then there main group. So the listing/order is not working properly.
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  13. It is unclear to which permissions is actual.

    The README.creole mentions
    nametagedit.useAllows a player to use the NametagEdit plugin
    nametagedit.reloadAllows a user to reload the plugin's data
    nametagedit.clear.othersAllows a player to clear ANYONE's prefix/suffix
    nametagedit.clear.selfAllows a player to only clear their own prefix/suffix
    nametagedit.edit.othersAllows a player to edit ANYONE's prefix/suffix
    nametagedit.edit.selfAllows a player to only edit their own prefix/suffix
    nametagedit.groupsAllows usage of ALL group subcommands (create, edit, remove)

    But the project site and the video mentions other permissions?
    || nametagedit.use || Allows use of the /nte command to display the command list
    || nametagedit.clear || Allows a player to clear ANYONE's prefix/suffix
    || nametagedit.reload || Allows use of the /nte reload parameter
    || nametagedit.edittags || Allows a player to edit ANYONE's prefix/suffix

    Also the video mentions nametagedit.update?
  14. I got a problem with having to assign nametag multiple time per user because the nametags are not saved properly and often reversed back to previous nametags.
  15. I'm having problems saving group names in MySql, it looks like the database never get the connection.commit(); command???
  16. MySQL support appears to be completely broken. There's a link to the issue I submitted in my post above.
  17. Why is the setSuffix parameters 'String player' ? Should I do p.getName() ? or p.getUniqueID().toString()
  18. halowhoflungpoo


    love this plugin used it since bukkit . ty vm

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  19. Odi


    Certainly not impressed.
    When my players log off, the tag just removes itself.
    It is very buggy, and it is a disgrace.
    It needs work, and all my configs reset.
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