Spigot NametagEdit 4.4.10

Change prefix, suffix and tabs with NametagEdit.

  1. I cant get longtags to work on 1.14.4
  2. it only works on tab
  3. Are you using the newest version?
  4. how to see a prefix on tablist ?
  5. I am having an issue with this plugin, I use essentialsChat for chat management and pex for permissions, but when I try to use this plugin for TAB colors it doesn't displays them, what can I do?
  6. me too
  7. PawPawDude


    Sorry, not sure why, but NTE doesn't work for our server on latest Paper 1.14.4 with latest NTE and LuckPerms. No prefix or suffix appears over any player's heads, though the players.yml file seems to show success in setting it up. I put the plugin in debug mode and got this, doesn't seem to have issue that I can see...
    Code (Text):

    [10:01:52 INFO]: TestPlayer issued server command: /nte reload
    [10:02:18 INFO]: TestPlayer issued server command: /nte debug
    [10:02:28 INFO]: TestPlayer lost connection: Disconnected
    [10:02:28 INFO]: [NametagEdit] [DEBUG] TestPlayer was removed from UPHLX_Z6
    [10:02:28 INFO]: [NametagEdit] [DEBUG] FakeTeam UPHLX_Z6 has been deleted. Size: 1
    [10:02:28 INFO]: [NametagEdit] [DEBUG] Applying PlayerTag to TestPlayer
    [10:02:29 INFO]: TestPlayer left the game
    [10:02:29 INFO]: [NametagEdit] [DEBUG] Trying to use PlaceholderAPI for placeholders
    [10:02:29 INFO]: [NametagEdit] [DEBUG] Trying to use PlaceholderAPI for placeholders
    [10:02:29 INFO]: [NametagEdit] [DEBUG] Created FakeTeam UPHLX_Z8. Size: 2
    [10:02:29 INFO]: [NametagEdit] [DEBUG] TestPlayer has been added to team UPHLX_Z8

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  8. I am also having an issue with the nametag above players heads not changing. Everything loads fine, commands all work in game. Our server is also 1.14.4, I'm using bPermissions/EssentialsX.
  9. For some reason on 1.13.2 nametags are only working if I add them to my player. If I set them in a group and add the permission to the group they do not show up on tab. Can someone please help me
  10. Nametags change on tab but not above players heads in-game. Using latest version Paper Spigot 1.14.4/EssentialsX/NTE
  11. Try another one which is more advanced and maintained. That one is abandoned. Switch to TAB Reborn it's much much better!
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  12. Use the dev builds. It'll work.
  13. NTE 4.4.6 breaks with both 1.14.4 and on my 1.15 paper #8 test server. 1.14.4 is using latest LP 4 version and test server is using LP 5 latest version.
  14. Hello there! I love this plugin, is very well done, I have a little suggestion. Could it be done some way of hidding your nametag when you get the invisibility effect? because your nametag is visible even if you are invisible. For example, if it is detected that you are getting invisibility effect, your nametag will get into your default name so that way it won't bug so it will become invisible. Thx for reading!
  15. I currently have long tags enabled on my server and I have passed the 16 character limit in the tab list making [Council of Four] (Player name) possible but above the head, it is still [Council of Fo(Player name). I am using 1.15 so I shouldn't have this issue right?
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  16. some help

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  17. So i want to use this with deluxetags if its possible so i can make physical tags that people can win in crates and fish up so when they right click the tag in their hand it gives them whatever tag is on it. If that makes any sence. Im just not sure how to do this.