Spigot NametagEdit 4.5.8

Change prefix, suffix and tabs with NametagEdit.

  1. You need to setup the ranks prefix first, followed by /nte group order (groups ordered highest to lowest) then /nte reload. Otherwise, prefixes will not appear on tab or above player's heads.
  2. I have already set them properly very well with nte. however we are using BungeeTabListPlus and I wanted to know the placeholder for NameTagEdit so it could get the prefix from NTE and put it in the right place in tab. we also want to use nte prefix in some scoreboards and GUI menu and without the placeholder from NameTagEdit it's not possible to do.
  3. okay in the latest version the plugin doesn't seem to create a database
    I have sent it several times and tried, everything is correct but no tables are created.
  4. Hi, I have a problem using the plugin, every prefix in tablist don't update, when I change a player or buy a grade, the prefix change only in chat & scoreboard but not in tablist using nametagedit. Someone have an idea ?
  5. That's exactly why We need to know the placeholder to customize the tab or in holograms etc. but seems the plugin developers were too lazy to implement a simple placeholder for this plugin and they are actually refusing to do that because they simply think "its not necessary" . time to find an alternative plugin!
  6. I am using Citizens Server Selector to create clickable NPC's wich allow you to join a specific server and show info about the server.
    Sadly NameTagEdit does give only these NPC's a nametag. After a /citizens reload it disappears after 1 second.
    Only the NPC's created by Citizens Server Selector have this issue, the NPC's created by Citizens don't have it.

    When I reconnect to my server, the Admin tag is back
    Video for explanation
  7. You can toggle NPC name with the command "/npc name"
  8. That doesn't work
  9. hey can someone help me - i want to use this awesome plugin on a normal spigot instance but it adds the prefix but didnt get the right display name from the essentials nick features any recommandations to allow nametagedit to change the display name as well?
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  10. Hi ! I got this error I just installed nametagedit into 1.16.5 paper

    Code (Text):

    [NametagEdit] Loaded class me.clip.placeholderapi.PlaceholderAPI from PlaceholderAPI v2.10.9 which is not a depend, softdepend or loadbefore of this plugin.
    Can someone explain to me please ? :/
  11. How can I make this sync with my LuckPerms ranks that I have already setup? Oddly enough players already have it if I use a disguise plugin on them but the actual player doesnt.

    #1091 chrisw3214, May 17, 2021
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  12. Outstanding bug report from 28 May 2020, an entire year ago with no reply.


    What version of Bukkit/Spigot/PaperSpigot are you using? Type /ver
    1.12.2 Paper

    What plugins are you using? Type /plugins
    PvP manager

    Please explain your issue. How do you trigger it?
    PvPManager https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/pvpmanager-lite.845/
    Sets your nametag to red when you are tagged in PvP, When it ends it does not reset back to what your "group/player" tag was after you got PvP tagged in PvPManager.
    This is not PvPManager as I've been using Colored Tags for 5+ years and this does not have this bug.

    Please fix this outstanding bug so I can switch from Colored tags to this plugin.
  13. There's no RGB HEX support even with the dev build but there's a PR on GitHub that may work but I don't know if I can clone the repo with the PR changes to try
  14. Is there anyway to use nicknames with this becuase I've tried a variety of nickname plugins.
  15. [​IMG]
    i set the Tablist LongTags to true so how do i set the name tags in head?
  16. Hi, the PlaceHolder to color the faction relationship with FactionUUID is not working, could you fix that or not at all?
  17. Is it working in 1.17?
  18. I have a problem with the pvp manager plugin that when I enter combat the prefix is removed
  19. Same problem here if you know the solution please help
  20. Hello there. After i added the prefix for the group. It appears for only a sec and disappear for the name tag. The console didnt show any error. Can someone help me? I am using those plugins in my server.

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