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  1. Anyone know's plugin that u can name tags from far away in 1.7.10 and 1.8 build?
  2. I want npc name tags, That you don't have to hover and look at the npc and stay 4 feet. I want to see name tags from a far distance. Holograms is too much work
  3. With npc.setCustomNameVisible(true); Probably?
  4. NCP as in Villagers or the Citizens Plugin? If so, Citizens Already does that.

    You just have to type;

    /ncp create <name with colour>
    /npc type <mob>

    Per say;

    /npc create &aTest
    /npc type Villager
  5. Can you please read the question, Citizens does not allow you to see nametags from far away
  6. Holographic Displays is the only way I guess

    Or... You can change the distance you see the nametags from in the plugin itself... Idk if it's in the plugin tho lol