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    Well, as per the 50 pages of replies this plugin now has its own sub-section in the forums!

    I suck at topics. Whee!
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  2. Nice, congrats on mod also.
    Edit: Shouldn't it also be the lib's subforum? Including all of the series, it would be much smoother.
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  4. I love this plugin. Thanks.
  5. Just wondering, does the HG plugin use Spigot's restarting feature?
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    There's a option to, change the command it restarts with from /stop to /restart
  7. Hey, I installed this plugin, the Disguise plugin, ProtocalLib, and TerrainControl. So far, the HG plugin didn't work correctly, and the TerrainControl didn't work correctly. Here's a copy of the console upon startup: Please tell me what the problem is with these two plugins. Thanks!

    Edit: Here's my config.yml for LibsHungergames: Here's my kits.yml: Here's my names.yml: Here's my translation.yml:
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  8. Try updating your spigot
  9. I updated Spigot. Now everything works except the Disguise plugin. bloodsplat
  10. Got protocol library?
    Link the new error
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