Bungee - Proxy NanoTime 2.3

An advanced BungeeCord plugin to keep track of player ontimes.

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    NanoTime - An advanced BungeeCord plugin to keep track of player ontimes.

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  2. What do you mean pictures in the plugin? There are screenshots of it on plugin page :confused:
  3. Each time I type /nanotime check
    I get this in bungeecord console: NanoTime for player check cannot be saved. No login time found.

    When /nanotime top is typed, only 4 players are shown in the list, and all their time is 0.
    I took the liberty of checking the code and saw that the minimum refresh time is arbitrarily set to 2000 seconds, why not have this as a configurable amount, and update the top list ever x amount of time with a scheduled task.

    When I check the database, online times are correctly saved.
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  4. It was because CONSOLE was trying to learn its own nanotime. I fixed the issue now so everything will be more clear.

    I made the update interval a configurable value now (check the new version). However, using a scheduled task is not a good idea. Sometimes players don't use the top command for hours and there is no need to update the list when no one wants to see it.
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    Some new features

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  6. You can easily convert your ontime plugin's table to a nanotime table. Here are the steps:

    1. Backup your ontime-players table.
    2. Rename your "ontime-players" table to "nanotime" (or simply create a copy of your ontime-players table)
    3. Delete all the columns except: playerName, playtime and uuid (nanotime doesn't need the others)
    4. Rename your "playerName" column to "Player", your "playtime" column to "time" and "uuid" to "UUID"
    5. Ontime plugin stores playtime data as miliseconds but nanotime stores it as minutes so you need to divide all rows by 60000. You can use this SQL Query to do that "UPDATE nanotime SET time= time/60000;"
    If you don't know how to do these, I shared the required queries on plugin page. You can execute them to convert your ontime-players table into a nanotime table.

    I will add the hour display feature on next update. Thanks for your feedback :)
  7. my wish list:
    the priority starts from top to both:
    • Full Customize Messages file
    • Onlinetime check command like: /nanotime , and not /nanotime check
    • Customize the the commands, example: /nanotime to /onlinetime
    • Hour Displays for check and toplist
    • Customize Top list in config
    • Collect Onlinezeit Day/Weeks/Month like ontime
    i buy a Pizza for u when you can to this ;)
  8. I have noted your wish list and will do as much as I can while coding the new versions. Thank you for feedback :)
  9. Hello thanks for this plugin, I am considering removing my old oldtime plugin but when you say :
    > Note that these are not Bukkit permissions and should be set via BungeeCord config.yml file.
    it means that there is no way to set permissions for a group (I am using pex and would laike to give permission to 'moderators' not to maintain the user list in bungee config
  10. Well this is a bungeecord plugin and it has no access to bukkit permissions. You can create a Moderator group in bungee config and add your moderators' names under that group. So you only need to specify your moderators not all users.
  11. when you have bungeecord use this: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bungeeperms.25/
    this combines bukkit with bungee perms ;)
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    Version 2.0

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  13. after every command:
    10:11:50 [WARNUNG] [NanoTime] Error when executing SQL query: SELECT * FROM nanotime WHERE `Player`=?;

    i need some more features and im happy :)
  14. Did you put your SQL login information to config.yml? A new config file is generated by plugin with this latest update and it renamed your old config to config_old
  15. can you make it possible to edit the Prefix of the Plugin?