NasPvP Network - (In A Need Of Staff) (Apply Now!)

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  1. Hey, I'm a NasPvP Administrator Staff Member and we are in a need for staff such a Helper's, Moderator's, Administrators, Manager's, and is in the need of a Co-Owner who is willing to help in any which way as possible, so we offer a small network that gets around 5-15 Players daily. We have Factions/SkyBlock/KitPvP/UHC/Factions/OPPrison... and if you “Apply” now and get accepted you will be staff globally on NasPvP Services, We have nice players and a few ones that like to start drama, but that's every server right? And we need members who is willing, to Moderator the server if any type of Player/Dona tor is in the need of help. We really need staff cause we had to demote a lot of our Staff Team for being “Inactive” so if you want to become an Administrator or Moderator etc... Go “Apply” on our forums, and make a really good application that will stand out make sure it's long, if it's a small 1 sentence per answer on the application it will be an instant denied, we really need staff that is going to put in the effort, into making the server into a better community than what it is now! We really need Trustworthy/Helpful/Respectful Staff who is able to come on most of the time, if a Player/Staff asks them to come on to fix/help with something so if you want to apply do it now we are accepting people fast. So apply now and get a chance to get accept just do your best and you will get accepted into our Staff Team and what I mean by do your best I mean by like putting in a lot of details and answering the questions thoroughly and detailed. Well that's all I have to say... Thanks for taking your time and effort in reading this and Applying for staff on NasPvP Services.

    Best Regards,
    NasPvP Administrator

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    TeamSpeak - (Ts. NasPvP. Com)
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    Apply For Staff - (
    Owner - (Nastyy_)
  2. Nice grammar. This isn't a staff recruitment forum, for that go to minecraftforums
    EDIT: Isn't NasPvP that server I saw get dumpstered on YouTube a few months ago?
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