NativeIoException : syscall:read(...)() failed: Connection reset by peer

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  1. Try to disable all plugins in your spigot server. Reinstall one for one and catch the "bad plugin"
  2. I have resolved this error removing Announcer plugin.
  3. TME


    its a java 9 issue, downgrade to java 8, and it fixes the issue.
  4. How do you do that??
  5. bump ! i got the same problem.
  6. Which bungee version do you use?
  7. I had the same problem, and then i removed protocollib and it worked fine :)
  8. I get this error: BloodEko lost connection: Internal Exception:$NativeIoException: syscall:read(..) failed: Connection reset by peer
    when I close Minecraft alt f4 style. Ideas ?
  9. electronicboy

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    Don't close the game using alt-f4 and disconnect properly?
  10. @electronicboy
    The server should handle such an common scenario itself properly, not ?
    Or do you want come to my server and tell all players that they please not use ALT-F4 ? :p
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  11. electronicboy

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    The server is handling that scenario as expected, the error is literally saying "the connection was closed by the peer in an unexpected way", which, it did. They didn't click the disconnect button in the game which sends the disconnection packet, they closed the game which closes the connection itself.
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  12. @niƱo electronico exacto esto no es un tema de configs , versiones de plugin te informa , que el usuario no cerro o no salio debidamente del juego ... saludos a todos y no se rompan mas buscando esto que es .. porque no es nada grave.. saludos a todos amigos minecrafteanos
  13. I have same problem. I use hetzner dedicted VPS. Ubuntu 18 and DDR4. Please help.
  14. Do you think bumping a 2 year old thread is a good idea?

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