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  1. I'm working on a Bungee network and I want a navigation compass thing that players will click and they can choose a server. But, does anyone preferably know of a plugin that shows you how many players are connected to that server in the navigation menu?

    Thank you!
  2. How would I set it up so it shows the player amount?
  3. There are bungeecord placeholders. :D
  4. Where can I find the placeholders?
  5. World - %animatedmenu_worldplayers_plotworld%
    Bungee - %bungee_<servername>% (requires PlaceHolderAPI)
  6. Okay. I am looking into this and it's pretty confusing. Can you like send me one of your files that I could look at?
  7. Well menus.
  8. I currently have not used the placeholder but here is what you have to do:
    - Install PlaceHolderAPI to your Hub server (server you have AnimatedMenu on)
    - Restart
    - Go into config and change Bungeecord from false to true
    - Restart
    - Put placeholder in the gui where you want it to display how many players are on that server. If you need help ask the Author.
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  9. So. what a plugin you are looking for now exactly. I understand that nothing quite.