Spigot NBT API 2.7.1

Add custom NBT tags or modify tags of Items/Entities/Tiles without NMS!

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    Item NBT API - Add custom NBT tags to Items without NMS!

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  2. Maybe you can tell us some examples of what you can do with NBT data.
  3. The idea is from http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/custom-item-data-nbt-api.43987/ . You could add a lot of information to items like Owner history, where is was crafted/mined, custom enchantment data, kill/mine stats, rarity levels like in cs:go or what ever.
  4. Hey,

    Just thought I should mention that I added a function which might be useful to someone: https://github.com/ty2u/Item-NBT-API/blob/master/src/de/tr7zw/itemnbtapi/NBTReflectionutil.java#L17

    It helped me get spawn egg types which you can see how I used here: https://github.com/ty2u/spawner/blob/master/src/main/java/me/ryvix/spawner/SpawnerEvents.java#L395

    I also noticed a pull request from synquall ( https://github.com/tr7zw/Item-NBT-API/pull/1 ) which is the version I used in my plugin since it looked like it fixed some bugs.

    Thank you for the library!
  5. Does this has a maven repo? I want to use it in a Project, but i want dependencies to be managed by maven.
  6. Thanks for mentioning it. I'm using a private gitlab, so I didn't see the pull request on github.
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  7. Maven repo added to the post!
    But I never worked with maven, so I can't guarantee, that I break it^^
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  8. I am having a problem with your setString() function. I want to increase the attack damage of a sword. In vanilla I would add this with a command:

    Code (Text):
    So with your plugin then:

    Code (Text):
    nbt.setString("AttributeModifiers", "[{Slot:\"mainhand\",AttributeName:\"generic.attackDamage\",Name:\"generic.attackDamage\",Amount:20,Operation:0,UUIDLeast:1,UUIDMost:1}]");
    Notice that all double quotes (") are escaped by a backslash (\) because it would otherwise have an error compiling. When I look in game however, I see this (with backslashes in the nbt data :eek:):


    Instead of the expected:
    (I made this last sword with a command)
  9. Can i add option to remove same tag nbt.removeNbt
    and to list all nbt key in item nbt.getKeys like String Array or some thing
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    1.3 Update

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  11. A very useful tool. But I would like not only API but GUI for the plugin to change names of items and descriptions
  12. I will add this to the "What this API can't do"^^. This API accesses a NBTTagCompound in a ItemStack. This NBTTagCompound doesn't contain things like display name, lore, enchantments or the unbreaking tag.
  13. Could this be used to modify books with NBT data?
  14. If I have some time in the future, I will add support for Vanilla Tags. Currently this is not possible.
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    Object support and NBTTagCompounds

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  16. Hi,
    I got two questons:
    1) As a developer, I can just add this .jar file to my project in the same way I add Spigot, correct? NOTE: Is the ordering important?
    2) You say:
    Code (Text):
    NBTItem nbti = new NBTItem(item);
    is this "item" a ItemStack?

    EDIT: I am a blockhead. Please ignore this :)