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  1. I run a Spigot protocol hack PvP Network, as most of our users still use 1.7.X we don't want to update to 1.8 in the near future.

    At the time, we are experiencing a big problem, someone has a modified client with which he can crash the server using the NBT Tag exploit, that was fixed in 1.8.4 (or a 1.8.X version).

    He crashes all the servers everytime I get them back up, and if I am not there, the servers stop responding and don't autorestart.

    I wanted to ask you guys you found out if there is any way to fix that, and if there is how can I do it?

    I though I could edit the spigot.jar source code, but I can't find the protocol hack source code, if someone knows where I can find it, I would appreciated as well.

    Thanks everyone in advance.
  2. joehot200


    Just install a plugin to fix it.
  3. Anyone got a plugin to fix this?
  4. The code is nowhere to be found due to legal issues. The only way for you to get it is to decompile the server.
  5. I get like 1k errors when doing that, but thanks anyway