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  1. Hello SpigotMC Community,

    Today I come to you asking what (in a server owners eyes) are the most required Premium Plugins that are needed. I am talking about plugins such as PremiumVanish, FeatherBoard,ChatControlPro, LiteBans, etc. that are really clean and useful for staff. Also try not to self promote your KitPvP or Hub Cosmetics plugin that is $10 please.

  2. Maximvdw


    AAC: Its many updates pay off in stopping hacks. Other plugins will stop most 'hack' skids, but for servers
    where you have a determined troll that uses the latest hacks you will need this plugin.

    LeaderHeads: Statistics are important for players (especially competitive players, and those are the players you want), regardless of your gamemode you will have something that may want statistics (kills, levels, ...)
  3. 1. RedisBungee - most large networks use it for load balancing (as a data synchronizer). Servers like hypixel and mineplex use similar systems for their own servers. Without it, it would be very hard to maintain a network with over 1000 players.
  4. o Thank You! :)
    I don't plan on having 1,000 players but thanks for the suggestion! :)
  5. McMMo - Seems like every player loves this. I was ready to remove it from my server and my players got VERY VERY MAD..... so yeah get that.
    Also, its not NECESSARY but I got EpicWorldGenerator.... @$40 its pricey, but in my opinion its hella worth it having a custom world ...also you can get really creative and make your own super unique custom biomes... i personally can not STAND vanilla world generation... I have seen a few other world gen plugins and they look like crap, i quite like EWG
  6. MiniDigger


    No server requires "premium" plugins. you can run a server just using FOSS software.
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  7. PremiumVanish, FeatherBoard,ChatControlPro, LiteBans

    I don't use any of those o_O, and still testing featherboard to see how we can use it.

    But I couldn't say these are plugins that i feel are a must have.
  8. It heavily depends on what kind of server you are. Generally, every server could use AAC, but specific gamemodes require specific plugins naturally. There is no such list as "every server must have these plugins". My server for example doesn't even have Essentials, while people generally agree that its the plugin every server should have.

    FeatherBoard could be another suggestion; it can be used in many gamemodes (if not any), as well as some of the (premium or free) tab plugins and possibly AnimatedNames (or something similar). I myself also like ConditionPerms from @Maximvdw as it can be used to create some pretty cool customizations here and there if you're not one to code plugins yourself.

    To give you a more proper list that may suite you, we'd kinda need to know what gamemode your server is :unsure:
  9. FastAsyncWorldEdit, Skript, Multiverse-Core, Core-Protect, WorldBorder, PlugMan
    are the most useful plugins in any server in my opinion.
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  10. MiniDigger


    and all of those are free and only one isn't open source, nice.
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  11. oh oops sorry, I read the "Premium" word, but instantly forgot about it xD
  12. MiniDigger


    I wasn't criticizing, I was actually praising your response :D
    see my reply here:
    I would always prefer OSS over closed source "premium" software.
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  13. I honestly prefer DeluxeChat :)
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  14. React does more harm than good. If your server is lagging you should be fixing the source of the issue, not install some hacky wacky plugins which try to resolve things.

    I can't believe I forgot about that one. Best suggestion so far.
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  15. Gianluca

    Resource Staff Patron

    We can't accurately answer this, unless we have some form of context on what your server is going to be about. RPGItems wouldn't be good for my semi vanilla survival server.

    But, in all honesty, just because a resource is premium, doesn't make it any better than something that is free. There are only a handful of plugins that I'd deem a necessity for all servers, and none of them are premium (and, a they are all open source, aside from 1)
    • WorldEdit
    • WorldGuard
    • FastAsyncWorldEdit
    • LuckPerms
    • ChatControl
    • Essentials
    • Multiverse
    • WorldBorder
    You're most likely already running these plugins (or, an equivalent of), which would further prove that these are the necessary ones.
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  16. I'll use the free version of McMMo as it seems to work fine for lots of people. As for EpicWorldGenerator, I've had it for a year or two and my gamemode does not require it but thanks for the suggestion!
    Yeah I was thinking about AAC but $28 and change for an Anti Cheat is a little high.
    I have React installed but may remove it due to lots of people say does more harm than good lately. :p
    as for HackedServer, I have seen that resource before and may get it but I don't know if it is completely necessary as all I would need to block are worlddownloaders which there are free plugins for.
    I completely forgot about ChatControl so thanks!

    To give everyone some context about what my server is about here is a brief description:
    • Hub
      • Standard server hub, a few unique things. Using PremiumHub for main utilities ATM.
    • PvP Type Mode
      • Based on KitPvP but with some other unique features. Planning on having it custom made (partially.

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!
  17. LeaderHeads, FeatherBoard, ShopGUI+, Deluxechat, ChatControlPro, EpicWorldGenerator
    A few more which I can’t remember atm
  18. React is needed if you want to prevent or reduce lag or to monitor the server status, configuration is very complete to fit any server
    but using React in a "perfect server" is a waste of cpu cause react monitor many things therefor it uses a quite amount of cpu

    basically you need it only if you have problems with big amounts of mobs/explosions/hopper/redstone...
  19. ShopGui+ is an interesting choice. Thanks for the reccomendation. I will probably not be getting LeaderHeads because I can have it made custom but thanks for the suggestion!
    I know what it does :p
    Thanks though!

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