Need a developer for bungee cord (paid)

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  1. Hey There!

    Just a quick post to see if there are any experienced java developers out there. I need a developer to pretty much code a plugin called "Global Execute"

    There is this plugin online named global execute and what it does is allow you to execute a command such as /ge <command> and it will run the <command> on each spigot server.

    /ge broadcast hello

    On all spigot servers the command "/broadcast hello" will be run. Anyways i don't need it for broadcasts.

    The problem with this plugin online is that if i do /ge broadcast hello the command /broadcast hello will execute on the server where players are on. If a player isn't in the hub server per say then the command will pretty much stack and wait for someone to join the hub. Then all the commands will execute at once overwhelming the chat and sometimes even crash the player for sending too many packets.

    If anyone knows how to do this please respond. No responses from someone who says "Just use a broadcast plugin" as thats not what i need. just used for an example

    Yes, i'll be paying

    Many Thanks,
    - Michael
  2. I think the problem is that the Bungee messaging system used to communicate between the proxy and a server requires a player to be online to "transport" the data.
    You need an alternative that does not use the bungee messaging system but a custom one. (Maybe using a redis server and its pub/sub system?)
  3. Yeah, you just completely killed my brain just then.
  4. TL;DR The problem with communication between Bungeecord and a Spigot instance is that it uses an online player as the "bridge" to transport the data.
    You need an alternative that uses Redis (an external data transport/storage server) or something similar.
    Maybe you are already using RedisBungee (the plugin)? That would make things easier

    And don't let people make you pay money for this, this is really not such a complicated thing to code
  5. I have no idea i'm afraid. How would this work i researched it but makes no sense.
  6. I just asked if your MC server uses RedisBungee (a plugin to use multiple Bungeecord instance, mainly for large scaled networks) because we can use it to transport data. If not, you don't need to install RedisBungee just for that.
    The best available solution for you (afaik) is to have someone code you a plugin that connects to a Redis server (you will have to install it on your dedicated/vps server) to transport data :)
  7. No, i don't have RedisBungee, So i'd ask someone to code it with redis?
  8. Yes, it's probably the most easy and stable way of doing it (Redis Pub/Sub system)
    You will basically have to install a redis server somewhere (it's a standalone program) on your dedicated server, and you will have to install the plugin that person will make on both Bungeecord and Spigot, then configure it to connect to the ip : port of your Redis server, and then it will use Redis as the "bridge" to transfer data instead of Bungeecord (that requires a player to be online)
  9. You're telling me all this as if i'm so developing god. So i download the redisbungee plugin and add it into the plugins folder of my spigot server then i get the developer or is there something else i should be doing?
  10. You don't actually need the RedisBungee plugin, it may just make things a little bit easier for the developer but don't install if it you don't really need it for its main use, apart from that, yes
  11. You have "Coding" in your name, i don't suppose you would know how to do this!?!? :)
  12. I do, I'm just working on other things :( but I know there are a lot of helpful people there
  13. I would pay you to do it. I'm kinda really needing it at the moment as i'm putting things off for this.
  14. I don't want your money, but add me on Discord: jordanamr#4072