Need a developer for free

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  1. Hello! I'm currently working on a server that I'm going to create, it's going to be a fairly simple mmorpg server because I wanna keep it simple.
    I'm looking for a developer, or developers who can make a plugin or any feature that I need for the server for free, maybe someone who's fairly new to making plugins and wanna learn in the process,I dont need anything too fancy ^^

    Thank you!
  2. 1) Hiring Developer section will get you better results
    2) Nothing really to explain as this has been said a bunch of times before but it's rare to come across good developers who would do things for free.
  3. On top of what Jay said, take this word of advice: there is no such thing as a (good) "simple mmorpg", especially not if you ask of people to make it for free. Make sure you are prepared for what you are about to work on. May want to read this.
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  4. There no such thing as a free lunch so why should they work on your plugin(s) if they cannot eat and sleep for nothing?
  5. you have an extra 'r' in "free' in your title...
  6. Cleverr
  7. As said I'm looking for someone who's new and Im ready for the project, I've researched this before and I know the prices of well done plugins, but I'm not looking for fancy stuff, I did this back in the days where I got to know someone really well and he did programming for me as a process in learning on the go which was fun for both of us, that's more what I'm looking for ^^