Need a good ban plugin.

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  1. Hey everyone. Does anyone know a good banning plugin that supports MySQL and comes with its own web interface? I would really love it if it was free also. I really like the look of LiteBans but it costs moneyz which I don't have. :( Anyone wanna buy it for me? xD. Na but if you have any suggestions please let me know! Thanks :)

    EDIT: Also needs to be 1.8 compatible!
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  2. BanManager
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  3. BungeeAdminTools, comes with its own cool interface which you can find on GitHub.
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  4. I don't want Bungee though.... :(
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  5. Could you link me? I can't seem to find the plugin you mean.
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  6. No problem :)
  7. One of the best ban plugins is LiteBans, it works with bungee and it has the best ban screen that i have ever seen
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  8. Plus its pretty cheap for what it is
  9. This also has an interface and works with offline mode as well. You can also use a flatfile with it unlike ban management. It has a lot of customization including Dupe IP lookups, range bans, temporary IP bans, and such. I use this for my server.
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  10. He needed one that comes with a web interface and MySQL. AFAIK, MaxBans doesn't have either. Been using it on my server for a long time.
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  12. If you would have read the page, it has SQLLite and MySQL. It also has a web interface:
  13. I never download updates, I have quite an old version of the plugin :p should've resd the updates first because AFAIK the version I have doesn't support MySQL
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    MaxBans doesn't support UUIDs, if you want it to you have to compile it yourself etc.
  15. How stupid do you think I am? Most of the good ones were paid only...
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  17. Litebans is the way to go, Cheap, does what you want it to and its on the top premium plugin list