Need a good server host. No lag, and smootg gameplay

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by PantMan, Apr 18, 2017.

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  1. I want to start my server once again. But this time I just want it to be good ol Minecract where any number of players can join my server. No factions. Just the normal minecraft where you can build stuff and shiz
  2. latiku


    ExtraVM, RamNode, Vultr.
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  3. We have a winner! Thanks bro

    Edit: ExtraVM will work for me
  4. picklehosting are excellent - they have sponsored me for a while - use the code andyisyoda for 15% off. Very helpful, quick to respond and excellent servers
  5. Too expensive even with the discount code. ExtraVM is da best :D
  6. ExtraVM is the best, they have great support.
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  7. We use AnvilNode, they are cheap and work great for us (We have a build team, so we do ALOT of worldedit, so we push the server's power all the time) if you want a lifetime discount for AnvilNode, they sponsor us, so we can give that :)
  8. Highly recommend Beastnode.
    - Unlimited amounts of player slots.
    - Unlimited amounts of plugins.
    - Can use your own jar file.
    - Can use mods.
    - Great support.

    This is all included with its cheapest server of $3.
    You can even get it down to $2.55 a month with code DARTRON or NOODLEON.
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  9. Why not just get a dedicated box?, it's more efficient..
  10. Maple, these people must be legally blind.
    @PantMan please close this thread so these blind people stop replying.
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  12. I used them for 2 years straight and they were truly an amazing host. Though the price got a little much so I switched to ExtraVM.
    Edit: I know the op has found a host but I just wanted to say this.
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  13. Gaxan


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  14. OVH is a good host
  15. is also a good host, quality and 99,99% lagg free. Support is amazing as well
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