Need a page for Create MOTD

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by OmegaCraftMC, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. I need a motd to see in the Servers list.
    Where i can create one?
  2. In your config file....

    No, here is a site you mean.

    Also, Google doesn't bite.
  3. Your motd is set in server.propertises file, open it with notepad or any text editor and you should see a "MOTD" option, you can use color (§ + color code).
  4. upload_2018-7-9_16-28-14.png
    §3§l§ki§b§l§ki§3§l§k§i§r §b§l§nOMEGACRAFT§r §3§l§ki§b§l§ki§3§l§k§i§r
  5. In your server properties you must use \u00a7 instead of § (because of the encoding).

    You can also add line breaks with \n.

    For the example of zDrop this would mean:
    Code (Text):
    \u00a73\u00a7l\u00a7ki\u00a7b\u00a7l\u00a7ki\u00a73\u00a7l\u00a7k\u00a7i\u00a7r \u00a7b\u00a7l\u00a7nOMEGACRAFT\u00a7r \u00a73\u00a7l\u00a7ki\u00a7b\u00a7l\u00a7ki\u00a73\u00a7l\u00a7k\u00a7i\u00a7r
  6. Use that site that I linked. It automatically fixes that for you