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  1. Hey! Does anyone know of a plugin where when you click a block, it runs as command or opens a GUI where a command can be run from that? Thanks!
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  2. There is no way to open a GUI that can be typed into (command block GUI is clientside).
    What exactly are you going to use this for, there may be a better alternative?
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  3. MyCommand.
  4. Hi there! Another great option would be to use a plugin called "Skript". For the GUI, I use DeluxeMenus connected to Skript/ It's a lovely plugin and I use it for my server.
    Here is an example of what it would look like:

    on right click:
    if player's held item is a diamond named "Goofygoobers":
    make player execute command "/openGUI"

    Then in DeluxeMenus, I'd make a new menu with a GUI and the command to open it would be "openGUI".
    If you need any further help, let me know!
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